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Hi Froglets. I'm happy to say that I have a frog that spent it's days in my new pond over the last few weeks. I have high hopes for tadpoles next year. A damselfly visited yesterday too so things are looking up :~}
It was extremely interesting for me to read the post. Thanks the author for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more soon. Kate Simpson
I have just discovered a frog living in our compost bin in September and don't know whether to try to remove him or leave well alone.
Hi Julia, I would leave well alone but make sure it can enter and leave at its own will. I had a similar experience the other week and now leave the lid slightly off the compost bin so frogs find it easier to enter and exit. Hope this helps Kate
It is so annoying. We live in a peaceful neighbourhood. I live at one end these other people live the other end. It is annoying because we have a grassy playing area that is shared land with me and my neighbour. this means that they are not allowed on it. It has many habitats there but the children of this family scare the wildlife away. They have killed a young bird with a go-kart and squashed a frog with a bike. This I think is horrible. Please tell me how I can stop wildlife getting killed outside my house and put a fullstop to this animal cruelty


I found a fish laid gasping under ice, so I got him out. I've put him in a temp tank with stress tonic and oygenating tablets, to see if can save him. I'm watching him lying on bottom gasping and it's breaking my heart. I've read this info and waded out all the leaf litter including a dead bloated frog. I'm keeping everything crossed for the other 3 fishes, going to rush out and get lots of oxygenating plants asap, so if the ice hits again they have every chance. Water is black and so done a partial change as well. Thanks for the posting, I'll defo do everything I can.
I have found at least ten dead frogs in my pond, under the ice, which has now melted for the first time in 2 weeks. I did make sure that there was a hole in the ice every day, but obviously that was not enough. It's really upsetting ...
we had same problems lots of dead frogs learnt a vital lesson for future .heartbroken loved our frogs
Our pond was frozen to the bottom, killing at least 7 frogs. We tried in vein to smash and melt it. We made the pond to help wildlife, I feel we have killed them. How do we stop it forming into a solid block of ice in future?
Talisker - smashing the pond will harm the wildlife in the pond, it's mush better to float a plastic ball in the pond and remove it when the ice has formed, and try to keep that open every day. Make sure you have lots of oxygenating plants in the pond (you can buy these at most garden centres). But if your pond froze to the bottom it could be that the pond isn't deep enough. If you are able to make it deeper then this may prevent it from freezing solid in future. I've just found this big pond thaw survey by Pond Conservation/Froglife, which makes interesting reading. Kate
scooped out 22 dead frogs this morning, probably more at the bottom ? very sad ! the majority of them were huddled at the base/roots of reeds, i asume they died of asphixiation. never happend before in last 20 years, but we had about 6 weeks of ice [north west] this winter. next winter i will build a temporary cloche out of some old double glazing units i have to cover the pond.
I am new to this site, and am relieved to know that I am not so alone in losing frogs/fishes during the latest severe weather. Once the snow had gone from the top of our pond we found 2 small white fish (not sure which breed fish are my sons dept.) and a huge carp. He bought this fish when we first made the pond 10yrs ago.He was devastated. Since then we have fished out at least a doz dead frogs. I have found the comments most enlightening and shall be on my guard come the next freeze, Last year we had over 30 lots of spawm. Not sure what we'll get this year. Many thanks for all your help
Can I ask a stupid question? If anyones here to listen. How do you tell for sure that they are dead? I've just fished some out of my pond and felt fairly gutted as I've never had this happen before. However reading around the net some sites say they may still be in hibernation and can look pretty dead but aren't. Now I would take it if they are floating around on the surface utterly lifeless that's pretty much dead. But I had a trio around the sides that I fished out thinking they were gonners too. I'm now (having read these other blogs) having 2nd thoughts and wondering if my trio by the sides weren't as dead as I thought. Would no apparent movement at all when I fished them out indicate dead, or could they have still been in a very deep sleep????
Froggieeees - frogs don't really hibernate, they go into a sort of 'torpor' and wake up from it when temperatures increase - usually in spring, but sometimes on sunny days in winter. I would have though that no movement at all would indicate that they are dead. You could leave them under a shrub or fallen leaves to see if they come to, but otherwise use the experience to make sure your pond is in better nick for overwintering frogs next year. Kate


I can't tell you how relieved I am to come on here and read that I'm not alone. To our distress today we found 7 bloated dead frogs in our pond. We live in quite an exposed area on the outskirts of Sheffield but in the 5 years we've had our pond we've never seen anything like this. But the ice was 5 inches thick on the pond for some weeks this last winter and even our pump eventually seized up in the cold. It's very sad but I hope some may have survived somewhere or that some more frogs may appear to replace those that have died. I'm sorry for those of you that have lost fish as well - it's very sad.
I moved into a house with a pond last christmas, we had a fantastic year of pondlife, lots of plants, frogs and newts. I have not done anything significant to the pond other than keep it tidy. After the cold spell i was devasted as were many others to find upwards of 200 bloated and dead frogs, which we cleared. Today after a week away and warm temperatures the pond is ver lively, but surrounding the pond are a couple of dozen dead frogs, with what seem like injuries, at varying distances from the pond -its horrible
We have found two dead toads in our pond this week. One toad has smaller toads clinging underneath it and they seem to be propelling it around the pond. We have removed the other toad from the pond but we are unsure what to do about this one - it is definitly dead and not spawning. We have loads of toads spawn in the pond. What could have happened to poor toady and what should we do?
for the last two years my parents have been inundated with black frogs that have been slowly killing all the fish in their pond, where did they come from and how can they get rid of them.