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Last February when it snowed I was heartbroken to find that my lovely frogs that I had watched grow since babies had all frozen to death. At first I thought it was one but then found there were six dead. With the excitement of the snow that we hadn't had for years I had forgotten to put a ball in the water, I felt so guilty, and to see so many of them dead! I haven't got a pond just a large tub in the garden so I don't know where the frogs came from in the first place, but enjoyed seeing them popping up in different parts of the garden through the Summer. I hope there are more this year.
I used to have loads of frogs in my garden and come spring time they wuld all jostle with each other for the females. In the the last three years however I hardly see one just the occasional dead one. I found a dead one today. Fish are ok newts fine Anyone any ideas?

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