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I tried clingfilm on the outside of the window but the blue tit just pulled it off!
I have a similar experience with a robin. When opening the window he landed on my hand and now I feed him on demand! Found out though he also does the same to next door neighbours. He's very well fed.
Your windows are clearly too clean....... If you were more slovenly (like me) you may not have this issue. What about a couple of thin strips of tape to flutter in front of said window? Might put him/her off.
Ooh dear, how can I put this delicately? Dunnocks have rather peculiar mating habits! They indulge in polyandry (two boys one girl) or sometimes even the opposite! This means territorial brouhahas flare up. A reflection is enough to provoke a response. In addition (blushes) the female up-tails to 'present' to the male, who pecks at her until she is red and swollen, before mating. So persistent pecking at glass, or walloping into glass, are down to the birds' rather odd love life arrangements! Hey....but who are we to make judgements?

You could try cutting a large bird shape out of card and sticking it on the inside of your window. My inlaws kept having birds fly into the windows and this solved the problem.



Recovering after a collision with a window. I picked it up and put it in the hedge. It survived


That's lucky Nut, I've had three birds fly into the window and kill themselves (a bluetit, greenfinch and woodpigeon).


It was lucky, death often results

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