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Thanks for the lovely recipe - I am always looking for new things to make with blackcurrants! I have a question regarding pruning black currants - I visited Fyvie Castle last spring and saw that they pruned their currants as a standard - is that the usual pruning technique in the UK? Thanks!
Russian tomatoes are becoming a hit in the US - Black Krim has a religious following.
You are right about the cold. I am english and live in Czech Republic. The temp. went below freezing here the second week in December and stayed that way until third week in Feb. We still have a good 8 inches of snow on the ground. Most plants will grow here but you have to start sowing much later. I have found looking in other peoples gardens is best, if it grows in their garden hopefully it will grow in mine.
Navrsi, that is cold! Pruning blackcurrants to a standard shape is not at all common, though I'm sure they look lovely. Some people prune at harvest time: in the summer take off a third of the older branches and cut them low in. Blackcurrants fruit on new wood and this will help with branch production. The following year take out another third and so on.
hi sue check the roots see if they r ok? if they r theres good chance there fine plants,place them in a warm window with a plastic bag over a dish of water that should bring them round. good luck


I have geraniums in a cold greenhouse covered in bubble-wrap but they look dead so should i throw them out or is there any chance they may recover thanks

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