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You must have read my mind. This is the first year I have grown roses and was just wondering should I stake them and also how to take a cutting. I don't know a great deal about roses having concentrated mostly on veg - just dabbled with flowers - you know the normal ones to keep the garden looking cheerful and covering up the summer weeds! Thank you for the timely advice. June
Very useful info as usual, I now keep your advice/tips in a calender of folders in the local Folders area of Outlook Express. Keep the advice coming, its all excellent stuff.
my dog rose flowered last year it also had a baby but this year nothing not even a bud i have had alot of whitefly and only been treating them with water and removing by hand as i have quite a few ladybird now and dont want to discourage them.
I would like some information on how to look after roses grown in tubs, they don't seem to like my garden soil, which is very light and sandy, so I would like to try growing them in tubs. I have read up on how to grow them and have followed all the information given but still don't seem to have any luck.

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