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when is the best time of year to sow biennials such as digitalis, delphinium, and lupins
I'd sow foxgloves (digitalis) now, or you can also sow in March/April. Lupins are hardy perennials, and I'd sow in Feb/March if possible, as plants raised from early greenhouse sowings may flower in their first year. Otherwise lupins can be sown in April, growing plants on in pots for planting out during late summer or autumn. These will flower the next summer, and for many years to come.
This Spring I found Foxgloves suddenly growing up on the edge of my lawn. I dug them up and planted them into the boarders. They look lovely, so now I will be collecting the seeds and getting more plants for free.
I had the most wonderful display of roses this year and they are all looking a little sad and worse for wear now, with yellow leaves and now the flowers are over all rather straggly; can I prune these or do I have to wait until Autumn? Thanks.


I have a well established Magnolia in my garden 6ft tall 'lennei' i think. This year has been the first year that some of it's spring blooms have been affected by frost, turning them black. I dead headed the blackened flowers and now as it is in full leaf, I've noticed that it has also got black spots on some of the leaves.This seems to be spreading. I took a sample leave to my garden centre and they said that it looks like a virus. I've been spraying the leaves with (rose) black spot treatment but I'm worried that it may dammage the tree irriversibly. I have also noticed that it is comming into bloom again. It did have one summer bud on it last year too but we just thought that it was due to unusual weather. Is this normal? Hope you can help. from Sally Turrell-Lowestoft.
Thank you so much for all that information about foxglove seeds. I found some foxglove plants growing in a shady part of my garden,and collected some of the seeds and stored them in the greenhouse,I shall now scatter some on the soil, and then raise some in pots in the greenhouse
I have for the first time tried growing the seed of foxgloves and I'm delighted to say that I am having great success.The seeds have now developed thier true leaves but as its now august I don't know what to do next.Is it put in the ground or leave them where they are until next spring?
Have you any idea why my jasmin is not flowering. It was planted in spring in a half barrel of branded potting compost. It is growing really fast, but alas, no flowers as yet.
I sowed foxglove seeds in a shaded area of my back garden. This year their seed has travelled back down and around into my front and side garden. Including a rose bed.They looked so pretty in among the roses I couldn't pull them out. My next door neighbour has thanked me for all the lovely colours of the foxgloves now growing in her garden. All this from a packet of seeds. Wonderful.
I always sow seed from my lupins as soon as it's ready and then over winter the plants in a cold frame or greenhouse for planting out in the spring. Basically I divide whatever seed I collect from the garden into 2 lots. One lot I save and sow in the spring, the other lot I sow straight away. If it fails I've always the 2nd lot to fall back on.
I have established fox gloves in pots - lots of leaves 10/12 inches tall. Do I plant them in the garden now or leave until next spring. Advice please. Thank you.
Pam, I'd plant them out as soon as they're large enough. I've also got some small plants that are well rooted into 3in pots, and will plant them this week. They'll establish nicely during autumn, and flower next June.
Here in the Czech Republic I never see wild foxgloves and its very rare to see them in gardens. I planted some seed bought in the Uk and now have 30 large plants in the beds around our farm/guest house it'll be great to see them flowering here as I've really missed their hight and colour, as long as they make it through our very cold winter that is!
Can anyone tell me what to do with my foxglove plants that have flowered this season? Do they need pulling up before winter sets in or not? I wasn't sure whether to just leave them to it or take them out during my 'autumn clean'! Thanks :-)


I have a number of small foxglove and lupin plants, grown from seed, but want to keep them in the greenhouse until the Spring. Can anyone advise on watering during the winter months.
I bought 2 plants from the garden centre about 2 years ago and they have self seeded so well I transplanted a few of them to the back garden into my 'woodland' area, they've done really well, we all love plants for free, eh?

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