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I mistakenly bought a variegated form thinking it would extend the seasonal interest. It didn't. Syringa 'Palibin' is replacing it very soon.
Forsythia is a necessary evil in cold climates such as mine, where the average winter will whack a Chimonanthus on its horticultural hynie. That said, I can't agree with you more about the visually assault badly pruned Forsythia makes on the eyes nearly everywhere one turns. Do people actually believe Forsythia are supposed to be square?


I love my forsythia. It grows in a spot only seen this time of year, it doesnt care that it is shady and it can easily be kept within the small vertical space that needs filling. Plus my dog hates it so he doesnt trample it to death. All plants have their uses to someone!I have a chimonanthus in the "smarter" part of my garden.
I love this shrub and think the more colour at this time of the year to drag us out of the winter is all the better. I hate the dark purple hebe's but we can't all like the same things can we.
Familiarity breeds contempt is appropriate here.If you study a few cut stems arranged in a vase you cannot escape its beauty and if it was difficult to grow gardeners everywhere would be nurturing it and showing it off with pride.
Tell you what -I love winter flowering jasmin - yellow, sweet smelling, and so easy to take cuttings. Forsythia is a pain as it takes up so much room, and after flowering with not much going on ,the winter jasmin is neat against a fence or wall and you can get on and grow somthing else nearby. Also it flowers for longer.
I've just become the proud owner of a Forsythia. Determined not to let your comments put me off. So pleased with the fact it flowered in its first year although it is only 2 feet. I bought it to provide privacy in an open spot so hope it grows fast and big. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Thank goodness I read this before I went to the garden centre to morrow to buy one. I think it's the first big hit of spring colour and that it might hide my ugly water butt. But I won't buy one now - you've put me off. Of dear.
I too have dug out the dreaded plant, but for some reason it just keeps coming back. You are right it is a loathsome plant, and clashes with everything else it happens to grow next to.
I love Forsythia in Spring. It is just the happy shrub we need at this time of year. But, it must be pruned properly and not sheared like a privet hedge. My neighbour has a beautiful large specimen in his garden (and nothing else). I see it as I'm sitting at the PC every day. Mind you, I don't think he ever prunes it and therefore it has its natural shape.


AKA as Bruce Forsythia in my family. I can't stand the sight of it, it's the trashiest yellow in the natural world. But what I do like is that the sight of it heralds soon to be warmer weather.
Forsythia is a sunny, beautiful plant. If you dig it up, you will not only lose the vibrant, yellow flowers, you will also lose the elegant, trailing foliage which turns to a fabulous maroon shade in the autumn. Great for harvest festival flower pedestals. The leaves are a perfect foil for the orange and golds of autumn flowers. Chimonanthus is only useful for winter scent. The rest of the time it looks ill. I am just about to dig it up and plant something with more than one season of interest. Wouldn't do for us all to be alike, would it?