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I don't know the difference between a frog and a toad, One is living in my flower pot of mint, he leaves at dusk every night and is back every morning,it is brown with black patches. Do I need to give hime a water source.
I have frogs,toads and slow worms coming through the garden. I've also had giant dragonflys in the garden last summer. There is an abundant of wildife in and around the garden and I do my best to encourage them. The only things that really do my make me mad are slugs!! now they are a definate YUK!!
my friend is plagued with tiny frogs trying to get into her house.So far she's had one in the bathroom and one in her bedroom,and i've witnessed them at her front door,frantically trying to get in.As far as we know there are no ponds or streams within easy reach of her garden,so what is a possible reason for this seemingly strange behaviour?


Help - when do baby frogs go into hibernation? Is it earlier than bigger frogs? I had loads of frogs, but now only one remains. The biggest one. Could he have eaten the babies?
A few years ago I had a small 2up/2down terrace in Spalding and the pond not much bigger than an upturned dustbinlid but in spring they arrived, tadpoles, newts frogs, and blackbirds singing in the trees, so I took a recording of their song. A few weeks later nestlings in the garden so I played their mother's recording, and one came skidding to a stop on my table on which the recorder was playing.
A few weeks ago whilst cleaning out the large pond filter I discovered 20+ tadpoles. These were very large and could possibly be toads. I rescued them and put them into a large container with pond water and some of the filter water. We now have a garden hopping with baby toad/froglets. I know we have at least 3 large adults and not many slugs this year and haven't had the need to use slug pellets.
We have had a small garden pond for the last eight years or so.Over time we have had many frogs living in it and each year it seems as if all the frogs in the area congregate on the pond to mate,I have counted over fourty of them on occasions!!.This winter disaster struck and our pond liner was damaged due to a large rose arch crashing into the pond during a severe gale.The water leaked out going from three feet down to about one foot of water remaining.We found homes for the fish in a neighbours pond and following the birth of our grandaughter decided we would fill the pond in this spring.Following severe ice this winter we thought that none of the wildlife would have survived but we were wrong.All the frogs have turned up again and are happily mating in the little remaining water!!!Help,shoul we try to put in a new liner and if so how do we protect the frogs while we do so.The pond has lots of sludgy stuff at the bottom.Can anyone offer advice please.
We Recently Moved & Have Inherited A SMALL Pond. A few days ago we saw & heard a few Frogs or Toads. However over the last few days the number has grown considerably to roughly 50 & now making quite a noise, the largest is about the size of a tennis ball The smallest a ping pong ball. Is this normal? should we be concearned? Should we seek help. Are there going to be more. Thankyou for any replies or advice.
i prune my buddlia now hard back so i get alot of new groth for next year and lots of flowers

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