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Reply to Theresa Herons, foxes, stoats, weasels, cats, dogs, crows, magpies, jays, rats and even bigger frogs will all keep the population down. Spawn is prodigious but mortality is high; there will be 3 years of very dangerous and unforgiving life before any of them reach their own sexual maturity to spawn again.
I was told out of 2000 tadpoles there maybe only 1 frog makes it. Last year I maybe got 15 to 20 baby frogs and although the big ones have spawned this year I've yet to see any babys from last year.I don't mind how many stay around my garden because of a massive snail and slug problem and on summer nights thier entertainment value is priceless.
i would love some frog spawn and to have frogs in my large pond any ideas where i can get it from
up date on spawn/tadpoles the first lot arrived 25th Feb and by the 26thFeb there were loads some got froze like last year but this year I left all the spawn in the pond away from the fish as much as possible unlike last year when I had to take a lot to the local pond as there was to much to give it a good chance.I did find a large dead frog in my pond and one in the boarder while weeding and couldn't see anything wrong with them other than being dead.There were lots of tadpoles getting into the main part of the pond were the fish were,the fish had a feast but there are still thousands of healthy tads and hopefully like last year some will make it.Also like last year some frogs are staying in the pond and occasionaly come out on an evening to entertain us.I've still not seen any of the baby frogs from last year but there's still time.Happy frog watching.
Just seen one of last years baby frogs while doing the garden, it was in some plants I had left over winter in a tray and today the piece of garden was ready to put them in.I put the fork through a clump of day lilies to split them and the little frog jumped out, it looked very healthy and its body was about 1" hopefully now I will spot more while gardening.


Been away for week on return garden alive with baby frogs its lovely and the new home we made them last year as been a great success young and old are using it. I've now seen 3 of the baby's from last year and there's still a few froglets left in the pond and the odd tadpole.
On a recent walk on the mountains of north wales, i came across a set of two feet deep tractor tyre holes,full or dirty water. To my surprise these were full of frogspawn. I was wondering in such an open and waterless place, what are the chances of the frogspawn making it to tadpoles or even the whole process of becoming frogs.Do you think it would be a wise move to take the spawn out of here and put it in my own pond,will this give them a better chance of survival or am i disrupting natures natural causes
Reply to Dave Frogs will lay spawn in ruts, puddles, wet grass. Spawn, and later tadpole, mortality is very high, probably greater than 99%. If you move spawn from pool to pool, there are worries that you might also be spreading diseases. Unless frogs are becoming scarcer where you live, I suggest you leave the spawn where it is, in the knowledge that somewhere else nearby the offspring will be successful.
my friend up the road has leeches in her pond but they don't drink blood. most leeches don't.
Did some pond cleaning at the weekend saw 1 tadpole with back legs and 1 very tiny frog not left the pond yet.When doing the garden I saw various sized frogs one smaller than my little finger nail and others are a good 1", don't worry Dave there's a good while yet before the cold weather starts they don't seem to take long to turn once they get their legs I've seen them in the garden still with tails.

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