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Stopped putting out food for the birds a couple of years ago as my cat was catching at least one a day especially in the breeding season, but because of the bad cold spell decided to start feeding again and it is amazing how quickly the birds caught on. So far the cat has not caught any but thought it was worth the risk. We have a pair of doves that reared 2 young last year and they have stayed in the garden. We have a lot of bushes and mature trees in and around the garden. Should I continue to feed in the spring when the birds are nesting I fear the cat would be a danger to the young.
hi this is to kate,i to had a dead frog in my pond that i fished out today..i read your blog about making a hole a bit confused as i scrapped snow,kept a hole and put warm water in both my ponds,so i wonder why this happened,is it just to cold for them..........
Saw a red breasted robin yesterday. I've just brought a shaker heart bird feeder from, which you hang from a tree place an apple or a fatball for the birds. Iim hoping I will see alot more birds.
I loved to attract more birds into my town house garden. The only problem I have is not too good at identifying what they are. Anyway, I've just brought a shaker heart bird feeder from, which you hang from a tree place an apple or a ball of fat for the birds. this should help attract more birds.
I started feeding the birds in my garden about 2 months ago and the blue tit was there in a couple of days! I have a bird table which I put a variety of different seed on and I also sprinkle mealworms on top of the seed and these go down a treat! I make sure that I clear away uneaten seed and before I put fresh on the bird table I clean it and make sure its throughly dried off before putting fresh seed on. I have got a rooster pouch but I'm not sure how to attract birds into it. I have recently seen 2 green finches feeding from the bird table whic is lovely to see. I always make sure I put fresh water out every day and I know it gets drunk as there is always husks from the sunflowers seeds in there! I also have peanuts in a mesh feeder and fat balls which the blue tits love! Its so important to feed and take care of our garden birds all year round!


Since moving to my new property in October I've been so very fortunate to have goldfinches, greenfinches, longtailed tits, blue tits, coal tits, robins, song thrushes, blackbirds, wrens, robins, collared doves and now chaffinches both male and female, one wooly woodpecker and I spotted a jay yesterday. What a wonderful thing to behold
Twice in the last month we have had a spotted woodpecker feeding off the fat balls, is this normal or is it because their natural food is scarce do you think.?
Chatham, Kent Before I knew of this weekend's "Big Bird Watch" programme, I had already noticed the disappearance of Robins and Blue Tits from my garden! Only a pair or two of Collared Doves and Mr & Mrs Blackbird visit and scoff the lot of food. They're hungry, but I'm concerned at not seeing any of the Robins and Blue Tits that fed daily throughout the snows of 4th Jan. Any ideas?
I did notice a longtailed tit on the ground, but not in my garden. It was obviously looking for food.
I have been thrilled to see a song thrush in my front garden this winter. it never visited the back where other birds were feeding..I discovered why after the snow had gone, my new pyracantha had been striiped of every berry. I'm really glad i bought it now.
I have had a lot of sparrows in my garden up to 10 at a time and they feed tere young come in all year round. I live in Brighton whitehawk and since November I haven't seen a single sparrow, not even flying arround and only 1 at the marina were there was loads.
com is on the end of my email i didnt put the right name on the last emai. I also have had a lot of pigions in the garden and a yellow tit but am still worried about the sparrows, why have they diserpiered?
Through the winter had lots of small garden birds, blue tits, coal tits, long tailed tits, great tits, 2 robins, dunnocks, goldfinches, bull finch....... but over last week or so the magpies, jackdaws have appeared and seem to have scared away the lovely little birds. Have cleared away all ground food and hope the ywill get the message. the jackdaws even try to get on to the metal hanging containers with fat inside!!!! Any ideas?
until we have a cull on sparrowhawks none of us will be seeing many small songbirds in our gardens. annabel you're very priveleged to see so many little birds in your garden, I live in the country and hand on heart I cannot remember the last time I saw a goldfinch, or rarer still a bullfinch.
just sen a bird I can't identify. Thought it was a female blackbird but after looking through field glasses it is not. Same size and shape but has speckled breast,rusty brown head and same colour but dense darker rust coloured back, quite beautiful.Anybody any clues, def not a thrush!


I have feeder which birds (mostly sparrows) empty every day, have birdbath which birds normally fight to use, have trees and bushes that normally abound with birds chirping and playing but suddenly yesterday morning (mon. 15 aug. 2010) not a sparrow to be seen, and they have not returned today,(tues. pm.). Does anyone have an explanation.
Lovely to read about all the wonderful birds who are visiting your gardens. I will stick with it and hope that the birds will come to my garden eventually. This morning I was visited by a lone grey squirrel who jumped up onto the top of the arbour, grabbed a big piece of apple, tried to get down to the seed feeder, failed, and departed. My first visitor - not quite what I had in mind but exciting nonetheless!

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