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forgot to say...i am the biggest PLONKER !! i apologise for my rantings i am on something high man !!
Am getting the cleaners in tomorrow to fumigate the house...the cats are going...the house does smell of cat pee...yuk
Reply for fifer2 5 March. Sorry for late response, only now back on line. Laser gun can be bought from: although website being updated at present. Tel: 01953 881580. Email: Laser Gun is called Mega-sonic scatter-cat. It also works on noisy neigbouring dogs and squirrels without harm although I wouldn't use it on them. Red laser light targets nuisance animals from over 20 metres away. Sorry I can't remember how much we paid for it. To all cat owners whose cats don't kill/play with birds/mice my comments of 5 March weren't aimed at them. Also spike strips on tops of fences are a good deterrant for cats, and all birds can perch on them. Website: Prikka strips - we buy clear, blends with anything, various widths and can also be cut to size.


I am quite dissapointed with the horrible comments on here i think i shall go back to just reading the magazine!
The house has now been fumigated and i am cat pee smeels lovely and fresh now...thank you for your advice on smelly CATS.
Changing the subject slightly, how can I help some tits, that have chosen to nest in a location that is in full sun all day, I'm worried that the chicks will get to hot and die....
Hello Maria, Tits are fine out in the sun! They know exactly what they are doing when it comes to building a nest and they will be aware of the dangers of that paticular site.
I feed the birds in my garden usually at a time when I know my cats aren't around. They soon learn to be wary of predators although mortalilty rates go up a bit in the summer. There was a hawk hanging around for a couple of months and a few doves were taken. And then there are the people a couple of gardens away taking pot-shots with an air rifle. Despite this the number of birds visiting my garden seems to have increased - I worry more about the decreasing number of insects, bees in particular. There's a great picture of a cat with a bird here: not for the squeamish... NOTE: I do not condone the actions of my cats when they go hunting and try to stop them when I can. I have rescued quite a few birds, mice and an occasional frog.
I love animals, and there are some hilarious cats in this video!
Yes there should realize the opportunity to RSS commentary, quite simply, CMS is another on the blog.
Its never your cat that poo.s in other peoples garden and never your cat that kills birds is it is always someone elses cat its the cars that are to least Richard Jones admits to his cats killing birds...shame on you !! i bet you pray as well :-) "you plonker Rodney"
I have noticed in the past week a hawk in my back garden it has killed at least one bird what should I do?

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