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So disappointed that Carol wasn't given the main presenter of Gardeners World job. It wasn't broken then don't fix it, the programme has been fabulous with Carol, Joe and Alys it has been the perfect mix, bringing it to all age groups the knowledge, enthusiasm and benefits of gardening. Carol's approach and knowledge has been contagious the three of the presenters have really gelled together perfectly. BBC GET WITH THE PROGRAMME we are in the 21st century, women fly planes now, are top surgeons etc: although i am not old enough to witness the war years myself didn't women keep the food chain going (land girls) when the men were fighting in the war? I think the BBC didn't have the courage to buck the trend and employ Carol to front the programme they might have been afraid to upset the men gardeners and their domain, BBC remember all so called men gardeners they have wives and I am sure they are getting an earful about this. I just hope Carol, Joe and Alys keep doing what they have been doing it,s a great mix. Annie x PS. I hope Monty is feeling much better and we miss him x
I am so disappointed Carol wasn't chosen as the new GW main host. She is perfect and I for one was looking forward to her carrying on with the show as she has done since Monty left. An almost identical choice would be Christine Walkden - who else has the expertise and down to earth personality like hers? I hope in the months to come I will come to like Toby Buckland. To be honest I was devastated when Geoff Hamilton died and Alan Titchmarsh took over. In the beginning I wasnt keen on Alan (not scruffy and down to earth enough) but he changed and mellowed and got his knees muddy and now he is one of my most favourite presenters. Maybe Toby will grow on me as well. We will see.
We are bitterly disappointed that Carol Klein has not been offered the job of Lead Presenter of Gardeners' World. She is so full of enthusiasm that we always look for her appearance in a programme and when the prog. finishes feel "That was worth watching - why are there so few programmes that really satisfy?"
Can't say I'm sad it won't be Mrs Klein in charge. Some years ago we tried to visit her garden in accordance with the date given in the NGS Yellow book. Her reaction was that we were an inconvenience, but could look at the garden with no guarantee that the dogs wouldn't attack us! Needless to say with hospitality like this we drove away, some 40 miles back home. Easy to look good on TV!
I am so pleased with the appointment of Toby Buckland,having been completely "turned off" gardening progs since Monty Don, who seemed humourless and unpersonable. If Toby's approach is anything like Titch's, down to earth and practical, I'll resume my viewing avidly again. But please, BBC, as other contributors have said, let's have a garden we care about that appears to be a bit 'joined up' and not in patches. Good luck Toby, for September!


It would seem that this is another case of the BBC 'knowing whats best for us', without giving the people who actually watch the programme a say. It would be interesting to see the 'audience research' that was carried out by the BBC, but I expect that they threw the 'fag packet' away. If I were Carol I'd be looking for a move!
Why don't Channel 4 take up the challenge and give Carol her own show, we would then see what audience GW would have left! I am sure that is why Monty was chosen to present, so as to reduce the competition.
My gardening friends and I love Carol's infectious enthusiasm and real hands on approach to gardening. She is like a breath of fresh air on the programme and the natural choice to front Gardeners' World. What on earth were the producers thinking of when they side-lined Carol? What a disappointment to us all.
Again, I have nothing against Toby, but Carol Klein has virtually hosted this program since Monty Don left. She has been brilliant, she is extremely knowledgeable, well respected, and has a very pleasing manner. As far as I am concerned, she has much more stature than Toby, and again, for my money, even Joe would have been a better choice. Oh well, what do I know!
Gardeners World has a duty to answer the question that 90% of readers are asking Why not Carol. Is it the stuffy shirts in the BBC or did Carol or even Chris not want the job. Toby? Isn't he a children's presenter! Alan was brilliant, Monty not my favourite but had his moments but all I have seen Toby do (no disrespect Toby) is do 60 minute makeovers. Gardeners World has always been absolutely brilliant to watch and I am now not sure what road its now going down!
After she held the fort so effectively I also presumed that Carol would be first choice to take over, and that she'd turned it down to avoid having her life taken over by it. However I was surprised to see the article in this weekend's Telegraph referring wittily to a 'grass ceiling'. If she really was passed over - even, as the article suggests, discouraged from putting herself forward - I'm very disappointed in a program that's been a good friend to me since I began gardening five years ago.

I fear that the producers feel that a male presenter appeals to both male and female viewers, but that a female presenter would suggest that gardening is a feminine pursuit, and therefore alienate male viewers. Monty Don's appointment was a visionary one, responding to a change in how and why we garden, with its focus on ethics and sustainability. It's a shame this new appointment had to be made hurriedly and without discovering a new bold vision that can take a chance on a female anchor appealing to viewers of both genders.

Can I reply to Dartmoor Witch. My husband and I visited Carol Kleins garden a couple of years ago and couldn't have been made more welcome. We looked round her gorgeous garden and then spent ages just talking to her about all the things she was interested in and she was interested in us. Perhaps you should try again. I am another disappointed viewer of GW and wish Carol could have fronted it. I have watched Gardeners World from way back when Geoff Hamilton took it over. I still miss him now because he was great. Since then I have watched less and less as it gradually got away from the basics but since Carol took over I have again watched it every week. I just hope Toby Buckland can keep the interest going like Carol otherwise you are going to lose a lot of viewers.
Really looking forward to a new presenter. He sounds interesting and I am glad Carol will still be around. But do we have to have Joe Swift as well?? Alys and Carol are a great team but Joe's blokey behaviour is a bit irritating.
The BBC appoints another white, middle aged, middle class man in a position of power and influence over an articulate inteligent and enthusiastic presenter who admitedly is the wrong side of 60 but sadly is a woman!

I presume the BBC is going to extend this illogical decision which is entirely based on sexism and ageism, to remove all females from our screens and radio be they; news readers, reporters; sports commentators, radio presenters; financial commentators, MPs, Government Ministers and Human Rights Campaigners. I'm sure that with a bit of re-training these women could, at a pinch cope with presenting a program about kittens or lipstick.

I am so angry, I will not be watching Gardeners World again.

I notice that the comment I posted regarding the appointment of Toby Buckland which was against his appointment and the arrogance of the BBC that they know best and don't consider the views of the people that have to pay the licence fee was not put up. However, I am very pleased to read that the majority of bloggers feel as I do that the wrong decision has been made and the current presenters have been treated very shabbily. Shame on you.


Response to Peter: Your original comment was published; you actually posted it on Adam's other blog about Toby Buckland, which you can access here. Regards, Daniel
Carol Klein too wrinkly (bit funny after Monty) or too female, who knows. Chris Beardshaw too science, used botanical names too much, shock horror. Like a few others on this forums, I think the problem lies in the whole production team. Much of this bunch came up through shows things like Changing Rooms, and it shows. They don't like shots slow enough to give you information, they don't like names on screen, they don't like boring old clear, in-focus shots where you can actually see things at all. And they don't really want the kind of presenter who'd give you that best. Wonder how Toby Buckland will fare.

Gimmickry rules the day. It goes through all the gardening presentation too: I watch Chelsea now on the red button where I can avoid Joe Swift, who inspires me almost to violence. I used to watch GW a lot, but now I stick with GQT and use the web.

And yes, I'd be lured back to see Carol with her own show. Or another one-off series, at least. Each year. And can we have one from Jekka, too? And one from Pippa full of horrible bugs and blights and how to vanquish them.

will it bother any one ho got the job.we are all the best man got the job. So good luke .and best wishes from all of us from northwood allotments . And ther is more girls on are allotment than
Having read all these blogs regarding Carol`s popularity, I wonder if she has read them and wish that we could see a reply from her, to find out what she thinks of it all. So Carol if you`re out there how about a blog from you?
Please give Carol Klein her own show - she has so much enthusiasm; so much knowledge; so much experience. She deserves so much more from the BBC.