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Hi! This is the second year I have grown raspberies. This year there looks to be a major crop, however, some of the leaves have orange specs. Does anyone know if these are dangerous to the fruit? I have been taking out the infected leaves but it still keeps coming back. Help someone? Angela
Rust fungi appear on the upper and lower leaf surface as orange-yellow spots. Several rust fungi commonly infect the leaves and canes, while only a few fungi are able to infect fruit. Rust fungi are fairly common, but do not typically affect the overall health of the plant. However, one fungus, commonly known as orange rust, is considered a serious threat to black raspberries. Red raspberries are immune. Orange rust is a systematic disease that survives winter in newly formed roots, causing new infections the following year.
My cousin and I went to Gardeners World Live yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Lovely gardens and lots and lots of wonderful nurseries selling their plants. We were, however, disappointed to find that when we visited the Grow It exhibit there was a notice on the van saying that the day's allocation of seeds had been given out. It was only just after 1 o'clock! Surely the organisers must have known how popular this would be and made better provision. The advance sale of tickets alone would have been a clue.
My established camellia has flowered and the new leaves lookeda little yellow so I gave it a feed of sequestrant and the leaves seem to be going even more yellow. Has anyone any ideas as to why this has happened? Should I try a commercial camelia feed?
i have 4 healthy looking gooseberry bushes 2 are in containers 2 are in the ground but there is no sighn of any fruit they are 2 year old any suggestions as to what is the problem.


This is the second year I have grown rasperries and it looks to be a bumper crop however some of the leaves have orange spots/fungus? Does anyone know how to get rid of it and is it dangerous for the fruit? Thanks Angela
Sorry - posted last blog again cause I did't think original one had gone through and didn't look at the replies! Many thanks to bb for the info. Will enjoy the raspberries now ! Regards Angela
could anyone advise on goosberry growing i have four healthy looking bushes 2 yr old have not fruited at all i have pruned them early in the year they have grown well and look good.
Gooseberries produce most of their fruit on spurs that are located on two- and three-year-old wood. After pruning, a healthy bush should have 3 to 4 shoots of each one-, two-, and three-year-old shoots (a total of 9 to 12 shoots).
hi could someone tell me which colour on the foxgloves[or digtail..i think they r called]self seed.i think its the white ones but not sure.
The orange spots on lower leaf surface of raspberries definitely sound like a rust infection, but I disagree that 'red raspberries are immune' - on a damp, muggy year my red raspberries regularly get rust! Try to improve air circulation, and avoid wetting the foliage when irrigating (ie no sprinklers!!) Re foxgloves, white foxgloves are the ones which are regarded as difficult to maintain in that they cross-pollinate with pink ones and so the next generation is not a pure white !
could you tell me about goosberry growwing i have four bushes healthy looking but no berries i pruned them last nov they are two years old
Geranium sawfly: Greenish-grey, caterpillar-like larvae with black heads that live on the underside of the leaves where they make rounded holes. Damage occurs during May – September. The damage is usually only cosmetic.
Have been away for four weeks and returned to find my gooseberry bushes totally stripped of leaves. I had attempted to pick off the caterpillars prior to leaving but obviously didn't succeed. Will this affect neaxt years fruit yield?


i have bought afew fruit trees most seem to be flourishing,but my cherry tree started with a few leaves but now looks as if its dying.any ideas??
I have a plum tree Victoria It started off well it flowered and all of a sudden the leaves went limp i have one plum but i think it wont produce any more any help would be great
I have planted shallots in my tiny veg plot and they looked as though they are ready for lifting so I took them up and thought I would lay them out on a sheet in the garage to dry out as we have had so much rain and more to come. Have I done the right thing or should I have left them lying on the garden (I remember my husband doing this but we didnt have so much rain at the time)
i have just turned a plot of lawn in our garden into a vegetable patch we have recently had the lawn fed with fertilizer and weed killer in the form of granules could you tell me whether or not it safe to eat vegetables from a piece of garden which was once a lawn
For the first time ever a large number of my healthy hardy geraniums - various varieties, have been decimated by tiny dark grey caterpillars. The current infestetion is quite dramatic as the leaves are being totaly eaten away just leaving the outer and inner veins. What moth is causing this? And what do I have to spray them with?

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