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Karen :O)
Happy Anniversary...x
Adam Pasco
Thanks Karen. I can hardly believe it's 20 years since our first show – much smaller then, but an instant success.
I've got a greenhouse full of plants to take along for our theatre shows. They should really be outside enjoying summer, but the wind, rain and cold feels more like March!
Well, the sun always shines on Gardeners' World Live!
Do come and join us.
You didn't mention Alys Fowler? I love Monty Don and the new programme but I miss Alys. She brings a freshness and youth to gardening tv that it badly needs.
Please keep updating the Gallery as due to work commitments, I am unable to visit this year. So as the rain is battering my beautiful James Galway rose I can spend a fortune mentally and look forward to next year.


Went yesterday and it was good. First visit to the NEC and I found the signing really poor and spent ages walking about looking for particular things. There wasn't as much variety in the plant stands as I had hoped for.
Main gripe is how a venue hosting the Good Food Show can offer such an appalling selection of food for lunch.

Is there a plant swap this year?



How much is the wildlife camera shown on last night's broadcast from Gardeners World Live, and where can I buy one?

Search for Bushnell Trophey Cam, various prices depending on spec.

My first visit this year also. Enjoyed it but not to do evey year.  A bit too much tatt there and puzzled as to how a company selling beds qualifies to exhibit.  Certainly not edible and the rain would not do them much good if you put one in the garden.


Quite a few non related exhibitors this year wasn't there! And lots of empty floor space with no exhibitors. Its as if they struggled to attract traders? Overall it felt like a half hearted effort to me. Wont be going again until I hear its improved.

Adam Pasco

Many thanks for all the comments about Gardeners' World Live.


Please let us know what you thought about the show, and we'll pass on your comments to the show organisers (BBC Haymarket Exhibitions). 



I  went last Thursday and did enjoyed it,But ! I felt for me there were not enough rare and different plants it is 5 years since I have been and it has grown alot,there was plenty to look at but I came away with the feeling that my excitement about going had not really been fullfilled,this is an entirely pesonal view point from someone who shops on line for rare and unusual plants and I have decided for the future I will spend my money visiting these type of nuseries and gardens.


i love gardeners world particulary monty don he explains things calmly and in an easy to understand way he seems very relaxed and makes the programme worth watching his knowledge organic gardening is second to none

I love gardeners world as well.


I took my dad on fathers day ,it was brilliant the living wall was very good We bought 14 plants between us! it stayed dry the staff on site were very friendly ,The show gardens were well worth a look I collected my free goody bag which was full of stuff the drinks were welcome! Got home 7oclock straight out to put plants in fineshed at 9 tired but content after a very good day

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