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I'm trying to compile - not write! - my own, since I live in the hills of Portugal. I love Gardener's World magazine, there is nothing like it in any other European country I am familiar with, but of course the Calendar doesn't work for me,so I am starting on the assumption that everything you post for July, say, I should be doing in June, and then tweaking for the fact that I have no frost, so Spring planting is best done in Autumn, and so on! Most of the Mediterranean gardening books I have seen assume plentiful irrigation, which, as a hill dweller existing on the rain I catch each winter, isn't an option. By the way, Pippa Greenwood didn't think much of chard last month, but for me it is the best summer vegetable!
Marjorie Fish's 'Gardening in the shade' may have been written many years ago and has no illustrations, but I find it invaluable.
I think The Perfumed Garden is marvellous some really thought provoking stuff and interesting pictures.

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