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My boyfriend's finger bears the scar from where his father cut down it with secateurs when he was a kid. I still can't understand how it happens!
Far too many. I've sliced off a woodlouse shaped piece of finger with secateurs, in the cold rain, when I thought I was actually struggling to snip through a stubborn calabrese. I've somehow contrived to entangle a stone momentarily in the wire of a strimmer that has a milisecond later released it on a swift trajectory into my (ahem) midriff. It made me ponder the nature of pain and I blogged about it a while back. I think you had Type 2 pain where you get a delay betweeen impact and pain...the longer the delay the worse the pain that follows. Nice to have a partner in documenting gardening misfortunes, fab blog.
Many years ago, before I was born, my father fell through the greenhouse when he was getting a shirt off the line (he used the greenhouse solely for drying clothes). He was supposed to be going to a cocktail party with his then girlfriend, but ended up in A & E instead. The girlfriend dumped him, and he met my mother. She tore down the greenhouse and put up a much better one where she now grows tomatoes and all sorts of lovely things. There's no room for shirts any more.
Ive been working in my new garden for about 2 months after a recent move from a flat with no garden. after no experience i now have a full raised bed with lettuce, tomato and potatoes and have a lovely 7ft flower bed with fusia, dusty miller red hot pokers nemisia, larel and budlia pruned 1 a week to keep every thing in trim so far injuries to call are as follows. torn ligament in my back broken finger x 6 broken toe x 3 pull muscle in my upper arm groin stigma dislocated shoulder dislocated wrist and countless scratches grazes & bruises. guess im rather unlucky or just careless


well people if you think all the above are bad...........'you aint heard nothing yet'.... 10 days ago,i was out in my garden[on a friday evening] i started cutting my grass,got that done and then decided edges now,,, bent down with the electric trimmer as a lump of grass had got lodged in the blade somehow as i pulled the lump of grass out the blade started and off came the side of my wedding ring finger..ouch ouch... i needed 12 stiches which came out yesterday it looks horrid at the moment but should heal ok... [it was the tip of finger and side of finger-nail]. laugh at this a part-time health and safety officer... im the laughing joke in my office at moment.....
I was just walking down the garden to do some weeding and tripped over! I dislocated my left shoulder and broke the Humorus bone just beneath the shoulder. The broken bone damaged two nerves, so for three months the whole arm was paralysed, but the pain felt as though the arm had been scalded. Thirteen months on, I have had three operations and many hours of physiotherapy and excercise, and I am due to have another remove five screws. Movement has returned, but not completely, I can't lift my arm up level with my shoulder, and I have lost the rotation of the thumb. The index finger,middle finger and wrist have all lost flexibility and strength.I still get pins and needles. But I can type with one hand and also I can still tend to my garden, as luckily I am right handed! But now I look where I put my feet!
No matter how long you have been gardening accidents do happen. Only minor to me in my 77 years of gardening so far. The last one was about a year ago when I was putting a lot of pressure on my secateurs to cut down a huge thistle and then tackled a bushy, fleshy plant which did not need the same pressure - right through into my thumb. lots of blood but soon healed. lots of near misses in strange gardens however - you need a younger friend with you to give a helping hand and look-out for hazards.
I ripped both cartiledges in my knees when I crouched down instead of kneeling, to aviod getting my knees wet. That was 1999 and my knees still haven't recovered properly. Last week I went and had a tetanus inoculation as it is easy to forget to keep this up to date .
well people this must be bad luck or what,but last night i was shutting the back gate i pulled the bolt across i then put the padlock though the bolt but it fell of and landed right on my toe back up a&e [again] had to have 3 stiches this really isnt good,what next...again the left side.
Sorry to hear about everyone's injuries! They're all far worse than my toe-stubbing! Sarah's Pondlife you are in the wars! Hope your luck changes soon. Kate
I managed to insert a dirty split garden cane 3 and a half inches up my arm 4 weeks ago whilst messing around with my 13 year old daughter, hit an artery and the muscle, numerous trips to A and e and still having it dressed. needless to say all my canes now have rubber protectors on them!!!
Ouch Janey! That sounds horrid. I always worry I'll get a cane in my eye one day. I feel I should award a prize to the most horrific injury, just to justify you all having to relive the pain on this blog! Kate
I was carrying a too heavy tub down the garden path, tripped hitting my ribs on the pot and cracking bone in my wrist. Dropped a log on my toe and broke it. Deadheading a begonia-did not see wasp on it-it stung my hand and I finished up in casualty [I am allergic to wasp stings] Picked up tray of tomato seedlings, turned around too quickly,tripped over tub of compost-hit ribs as I went down but worse I spilt all my seedlings. I sat on ground in agony and picked them all up [managed to save most of them]
Compared to these other injuries I think got off lightly. I've lost one of my nine lives though, when I was using my loppers to break up some large branches on the lawn. I cut through wood and also the lead of the hedgetrimmers which was still connected to the electricity. I heard a 'phut', saw a spark and thought I was a goner. But thanks to the rubber handles on the loppers and the rubber flip-flops I was wearing, I had a lucky escape. Another injury was when I pulled hard on a root that had to come out and fell over backwards on to my coccyx. The next day I had sciatica - the pain was unbearable and I spent several months having physio and eventually had to have a discectomy.


hi katie,i know you are a wizz on bees,so could you tell me ,,what should i do with a log-nest that i have,as i have some solitary bees that have cut out leaves and put in the holes [i guess they have laid eggs] anyway today i notices that 4 of the holes which are covered up with the cut out leaves have been chew ,does this mean the egg has hatched and the baby-bee has flown out if so do i clean out the hole which still has bits of leave left in there,,not sure what to do???? many thanks.
Couple of years ago I slipped on a wet plank and fell into the side of my greenhouse. Luckily we had gotten toughened glass and as I bounced off the glass the only injury was to my pride.
Hi sarahs pondlife, how lovely. They're probably leafcutter bees. You're right - the baby grubs just stay in the holes (protected by leaves) until they're grown and then they fly off, so I would think this is probably what's happened. I wouldn't bother moving the bits of leaves, if another bee wants to use the hole it can take the leaf out itself.
I fell on a rose when I was 8 and nearly lost an eye. Apart from the dreaded mossies. wasp bites,midges, etc things havent been too bad for the last 60 years. I read all these stories as cautionary tales and will try to be careful for "as long as I am spared!"
I was so bored at christmas 5 years ago that I decided to go and do a spot of gardening to alliviate the boredom.Unfortunately, it hard been snowing(a rarity in london).I slipped on an iciy step and had to be carted off to hosital,I had badly fractured the 3 bones at the bottom of my spine.I was in bed for weeks after that! Who ever said that gardening was a good form of execise for the body?