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Well I have an allotment down in stainforth, and week after week thief's strike, taking greenhouses for scrap, water butts tools ect. It has being happening alot recently, for the demand for scarp metal. So the allotment committee bought a brand new galvanized steel fence to go all the way round the allotment's area also keeping the thief's out at the same time, did it work to keep the thief's out, nope not at all. so then we had to put barbed wire along the top of the fence and smother the barbed wire in vandal grease. But we cannot put the barbed wire all the way round the fence, for obvious reasons money, so we have to get people ti give to us. Its a shame really you have to got to these certain extents to keep thief's out Its only gardening, not a prison site.

Hi my late father-in-law had an allotment in Bournemouth and they planted Hawthorn all the way round the parimater and of course it made it a haven for birds. Might be worth a try if you all club together to get the plants. Hope you can stop them, these people are just awful. But you know what they say, "what goes around comes around" so they will pay in the end.

I do agree with the above "what goes around comes around" So those people who stole my rabbit last year will pay the price in years to come.

Sorry to hear about others losses

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