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I live in an over developed town, but over the past 18 months I have been feeding the birds throughout the year, I have now been rewarded, with Goldfinches, a pair of Bull finches, Coal tits, Great tits, Blue tits and all the other more commonly known birds, a woodpecker also came to call last winter and a black cap in the spring, I love watching and waiting for new a new visitor to visit.
Our garden is a decking backing on to the river. I have a standing feeder with various bird foods on. We have had loads of siskins this year (have niger feed), green finch, goldfinch, house sparrows, great tit, blue tit, coal tit, long tailed tit, mistle thrush, dunnocks, robins, grey wagtail, blackbirds, jackdaws, woodpeckers, wrens etc... I have only had my feeder up for about 9 months and have managed to squirrel proof it with a bowl! They are a delight to watch and some wait for me each morning to put food in the seed tray! My fat elderly cat ignores them and the birds are very safe.
As well as goldfinches and Siskins in abundance I have just been visited by three Redpollnhave never seen them before I live on the border of the North Yorks Moors
Moving house 3 years ago to Scotland, there was no birds or feeders in our garden. After putting up several types of feeders we now enjoy 8 goldfinches, 6 yellow hammers, umpteen greenfinches and chaffinches. robins, blackbirds, starlings, 2 collard doves, 2 pigeons,2 magpies, several crows, 2 jackdaws, a wren, coal tit. It's only a small front garden but we have counted 80 birds at a single count. fantastic. We even have a hedgehog, who now has a house in the corner of the garden.
My garden is visited regularly by two robins, so i thought i would buy a feeder for mealworms after reading robins would do anything for a tasty mealworm, one year on they still haven't touched it, the starlings have tried but cant manage because of the hood would love to see the robins on there. any information would be appreciated.


We live on the Norfolk coast and are lucky enough to see, sometimes, 12 goldfinches fighting over the sunflower hearts in the feeders. We had never seen goldfinches in the garden before and wonder how they know the seed is there. Last year we were lucky enough to see the young as well which was a real treat, so can't wait to see them again this year.
I too put out niger seed for the first time this year and within a few days we had several goldfinches feeding. Earlier in the year I was lucky enough to see a young woodpecker pecking at the lawn and we have a pheasant who has been visiting for 2 years now.
Just to let you all know I have had goldfinches visiting my garden all winter also a lovely pair of bullfinches returned at the beginning of April. I have also have loads of greenfinches, chaffinches, blue tits which we have a nesting pair in one of our boxes, great tits, robins and others.
Well my garden is looking rather good if I say so myself.I have had many birds visiting and a family of foxes,which I feed at the far end of the garden so as not to encourage them to come to close to the flat-there is a busy road out the front!Ive given up worrying about the squirrels and the birds seem to get there fill and are quite happy to fight for their share.I love the sound of the birds early morning and in the evening, I find it very relaxing to listen too and entertaining they can be very comical with their antics.
We have had a pair of Goldfinches visiting our garden as well as three Greenfinches a Coal Tit, a Great Tit and a nest of baby Bluetits! We also have Mr and Mrs Blackbird who nest here every year. They are my favourite as I love the songs they sing and I love watching Mr Blackbird finding worms to give to Mrs Blackbird... very romantic!
We live at the seaside and have numerous gulls plus the occasional sparrow hawk. We weren't sure as to whether to feed the birds but so far they have not been harmed and we have gold finches, attracted by the niger seed, and various other birds. A blackbird has reared two families this year outside our front window, better entertainment than the TV and the doves are raising their third family in the gutter. My husband isn't too keen but this is their third year, they are part of the family.
Since the introduction of 2 large bird feeders of Sunflower Hearts we now have an abundance of Goldfinches, at the last count 17 and long may they flourish albeit eating me out house and home as the saying goes.
I had a young goldfinch crash into my window a week ago. I phoned the vet to see if he would treat the bird as it was out cold, though still breathing. I was advised to put it in a box so it's mother would find it and feed it. Happy to say it eventually recovered and flew off -crashing into a tree, falling to the ground and then flying off into a large tree in my front garden. My problem is my neighbours want me to cut this tree down, it is far to big for my garden (it's a huge fir tree), but I have blackbirds and goldfinches nesting in this tree. I also have Magpies in there. Does anyone know when it would be safe to cut it down so as not to upset any nesting birds?

I do feed the birds throughout the year and have my reward in the beautiful birdsong each day, but I don't want to drive them away by cutting down this tree. Has anyone got any advice for me?

It gives me great pleasure to let you and other wildlife lovers know that sometime ago a friend told me of the magic of goldfinches and a small seed called `niger` seeds! I now enjoy my small garden with a dozen Goldfinches. Robins and numerous other birds, oh and my cat called Meme!

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