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I grow my carrots in a 40 gallon drum which is high enough to stop the carrot fly reaching them. Cut big holes in the bottom of the drum, put in a layer of big stones, then smaller, and finally gravel to a depth of about 10 inches. cover with double layer of old fleece (to stop the soil washing out then fill with mixture of soil and compost to within 2 inches of top. sow seeds and sprinkle on compost to cover. cover with fleece secured with string tied round drum, to keep warm till germinated.
As a beginner no help whatsoever
when is the best time to lay new lawn turf?
Not a lot of help for a beginner... I can manage the planting of seeds but what next?
what next water feed etc


As a beginner I was hoping to learn a bit more of what to do next I've got the seeds underway and I think I understand the thinning out bit but what happens after that?
hardly any information at all. i grow carrots in pots every year and they have all been fine, but i was hoping to learn something new or exciting from thi video clip. very disappointing indeed.
Stuff I have found out - for other gardeners - carrots don't like recently manured soil. Change the soil every year or rotate with brassicas and legumes as you would in the ground. You then manure in the other two years before planting. This helps to reduce the chances of diseases and pests and maintains nutrient levels in the soil. Hope this helps!
very good information but not on apple trees i have a pink lady from seed and its got some kind of white fungal that i cant get rid can you help thanks lynn from wigan
Useful if you want to know how to sow small seeds but as for growing carrots I will stick to your book, Monty, much more use!
the comments are a great help,pity about video.settled down with my pop corn and hey,twas all over in seconds!
Attempting to be self-sufficient for the 1st time this year and was looking for meaningful advice regarding carrots, I feel as if I have just wasted 26 seconds of my life watching this rubbish....very disappointing.
How long are the carrots supposed to take to show any sign of life! I sowed my carrot seeds around the end of April and still I've seen nothing. I'd hoped to see a few little green shoots by now! I sowed chard at the same time which is just beginning to come up.
I've just joined this site, and the first video I watch about container carrots is rubbish. What happens next?
Hopeless couldn't view the video as I'm using iPad


Not much information???
What happens next? I tried this last year and they didn't do well, they didn't even grow big enough to eat.
Just disappointed in the lack of further information following sowing of the seeds.
Just like all the other reviewers said, woefully inadequate video, learned zip!

I have to agree with the other comments. I have just started gardening and have grown carots from sed so really keen to find out more - but where is it. this is not information!