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Talkback: Growing autumn-fruiting raspberries

pippa do know any dual season variety that produce in summer and fall

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pippa do know any dual season variety that produce in summer and fall
There are varieties that produce raspberries over a long period but summer and autumn plants are different in way fruit is produced

Autumn fruiting raspberries will produce fruit in the early summer on old wood and then in autumn on new wood, but allowing them to fruit on the old wood rather than cutting it down will compromise the total yield.

Any cranachan lovers here, a Scottish favorite and tastes fantastic, one way to put your raspberries to excellent use anyway.

I certainly enjoy cranachan   That's an illustrious surname you bear Jean.



I have some raspberries, I think they're autumn fruiting ones but cannot remember fully when they fruited. They were newly planted last year and did grow some fruit so I had assumed they must be autumn fruiting. But I do now that summer ones grow on existing canes, I have some canes at the moment with buds on, so I'm confused totally. If I keep an eye on them this year, what months should the fruit come for summer and autumn varieties?

My all time fave raspberry has to be Joan J, starts fruiting from late summer through to autumn and doesnt stop until the first frost hits, produces large tast fruits, for some reason not much of the crop seems to reach the kitchen, funny that

I did not do well with aspberries last so as i had both types I've added new ones & cut all to the bottom 

If you have summer fruiting raspberries, they fruit on last years stems, if these have been cut back this year you may not get any raspberries from those plants again. Autumn fruiting are fine to cut back every spring as they fruit on new wood (this years growth).
Does anyone know of a supplier who will sell bare rooted/potted raspberries in a mixed lot of varieties? Most I've come across have a batch of 6 to 10 of a single variety and I've not got the space for that. I'm looking for 6 to 8 canes of a broad season and including a gold one. thanks for help

I found packs of 3 canes, one each of Glen Lyon, Glen Ample and Autumn Bliss at my local Wilkinsons a few months ago.


I think you need a long summer for autumn raspberries to fruit twice successfully. Mine do, but I live in Dordogne. But some varieties don't do well here because it can be too hot. I grow one called "September". They tend to march around the veg garden and not stay where I planted them.

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