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The painted ladies just flocked to the Phuopsis this year and gatekeepers and commas galore were everywhere. The buddleia bushes have been very floriferous which helped lure them into my garden. Even the holly blue did well this year but the species which has been most evident was the brimstone yellow.
yep spotted these guys in my garden in Co Louth Ireland usually we get painted Ladies but lots of peacocks this year
I've bought a white buddleia just to please the butterflies, also got agastache, hyssop and a few others to atttract them in, got lupins cos i love them and bumble bees seem to adore them
I am having real problems with parts f my garden simply dying. Leaves wither and go brown and yellow ( some have bite holes, especially the grape vine) casualtes nclude roses, vines,beans, tomatoes and an acer in a pot. Has anyone any suggestions? I have searched carefully for vine weavil but found none.
I too have enjoyed the sight of more butterflies this Summer! I live in Newcastle upon Tyne and the sight of a Peacock posing on the Echinacia was a particular delight. I managed to take several photographs. There was no reluctance to put on a splendid display for me. It was virtually within touching distance and the creature was at rest for several minutes. Ken Greatbatch


Reply to jackifranks: I have experienced similar leaf-fall on some plants this summer, and have put it down to the high temperatures and lack of rain during July and early August. I know some people have experienced heavy downpours at times, but much of this rainfall was very local. We missed out on much of this where I live in Cambridgeshire. The weather, in general, has been quite challenging for many plants, and I feel this has caused stress and leaf fall.
I used to have butterflies over winter in my house, but since the rather large air brick has been replaced they are unable to take advantage,but I still regard the property as the "butterfly house" and do all I can to encourage them. even the caggage white is welcome,I found the eggs neatly placed on the leaves of my raddish.
Floraselect are delighted to announce a new and exclusive to the UK market, the first true dwarf Buddleja! Buddleia Lo and Behold ‘Blue Chip’, Its an attractive, hardy, free-flowering miniature Butterfly Bush. This stunning new variety has brightened up my garden with its countless blooms of gorgeously sweet honey scent. The new miniature Buddleja; 'Blue Chip' has stunning, short lavender-blue flowers bursting throughout the late spring and summer months. At 1 met high it’s compact enough to plant in a terrace or patio pot or add to other shrubs within a garden border. I have several dotted around the front garden myself, they look great and need very little care. Buddleia also has benefits for increasing garden diversity as it’s blossom encourages Butterflies, Bees and Birds to visit the garden. If you love butterflies, low maintenance gardening and a beautiful scent, then this is the plant for you. I bought mine from based in Essex, I think i paid around £15.
Planning a buddleja hedge for next year; sheltered, sunny, southwest facing. Different varieties, flowering at slightly different times. Don't forget the larval food plants too!
I purchased a buddleia blue chip and a buddleja bicolor this year and they have really surpassed my expectations. It's now mid-october, and they are still blooming, and we have been awash with butterflies all summer, so I can definately recommend these if you are trying to attract them to your garden. I think I am going to try the yellow sungold variety next year too.
Loads of peacocks this year. Living in Northern Ireland I haven't seen as many of them since I left England. My buddleia is just covered in them.

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