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Talkback: Growing cucumbers

My cucumbers are not turning green but stay a yellow colour anybody know why they are fully grow or still growing.

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My cucumbers are not turning green but stay a yellow colour anybody know why they are fully grow or still growing.
I'm also growing cucumbers in the greenhouse, last year I grew them outside. Like you it has been great having the greenhouse to keep on gardening, as I write this it is pouring down again. Tomatoes I had in hanging baskets have got blight because of this weather, I wish now I had taken them into the greenhouse. The greenhouse tomatoes are doing really well though. It does seem so unfair, when you think of the countries that are desperate for rain and never see it and we have more than we know what to do with.

What variety of Cucumber are you growing mjtclayton?

Mine are Marketmore and are green so far though they are still in flower at the moment.

This is my first year growing cucumbers in my greenhouse could anybody tell me what to look for when removing side shoots on my cucumbers. My cucumbers
are flowering at the moment
Adam Pasco
Hi dunnejames, I'd recommend growing greenhouse cucumbers as a single main stem. When side shoots develop from the main stem you can just cut them back at their base.

However, if few cucumbers are forming you could let the side shoots develop long enough to flower and form a fruit, and just cut off the tip of this side shoot a couple of leaves past the fruit.

Hope this helps


This is my second year growing cues in a GH, grown on a single stem, I nip off the top when the plant reachs the ceiling. 'Telegraph Improved' aren't very long but ever so tasty. Not sure what's gone wrong this year, one plant is touching the ceiling, the other only about 1ft high both have produced a cue though and the taller one has lots of flowers on.  

my cucumbers are growing well but the lower leaves are turning yellow/brown and withering and my toms are the same they are in grow bags in the greenhouse have used a feeder but it does not seem to be making any differance its all new to me any ideas please thank you
muddy mare

i have five burpless on the go in the greenhouse they are doing well had five decent sized cucs so far mine are in buckets and are fed once a week with tomato food or comphrey

Muddy mare U use tom feed is it better for plants in pots ? I am using miracle gro and I have just eaten my first cucumber grown on my balcony. I am growing marketmore 76

My main plant is covered in flowers with about 6 cucumbers in various sizes, my back up plants are just coming in to flower about 50 cm high.

I did hear tom feed was better Can any1 say if it is ?

Adam Pasco

Most tomato fertilisers contain a really good balance of nutrients (major and minor), but are particularly high in potash to support flowering and fruit production.

This makes tomato feed ideal for all crops including tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, chillis, aubergines, etc, plus any flowering pot plants or summer bedding.

I'm using home made liquid seaweed to feed stuff in the GH everything seems to be growing well apart from chillies and peppers, they are still way behind and I've only one aubergine plant in flower with a single fruit.

I read somewhere, used as a spray on outdoor plants, liquid seaweed wards off slugs and snails. Not sure if this has worked but there was certainly less damage earlier on in the year from slugs and snails.

Thank you all for the tips ,sorry I didn't thank you earlier but I got no e-mail alert .

Happy gardening.

My cucumbers are also staying yellow any one know y

Just picked a cucumber , green with a yellow tint , this is the secound one but it tasted ok , I put it down to the variety as we have 6 plants 

I also use tomatoe food on cucumbers 

not much rain in Lincoln , so no blight on outside toms 


I've grown cucumbers next to courgettes for years and never had the cucumbers turn yellow, are you sure they are not over ripe? There is a variety of cucumber called Crystal Lemon that as it's name suggests yellow, but is ball shaped and ' hairy' so would be very obvious.
I grow them in conservatory called la diva, of i leg them grow to much they will turn yellow and if I don't use them straight away they turn yellow but i still use them

If developing cues are going yellow then fall off the plant it's likely they were not pollinated properly or the plant is not able to carry the number of fruit that have set. 

Did anybody else have lots of male flowers ?

L have  fruit on  some are green some  are yellow on the same plan