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I planted my first attempt with garlic last autumn and all seems well,but I would like to know how best to feed them and what with.
my coriander seeds in my conservatory are in 3 inch peat pots and are now 3 inches tall and looking leggy and spindly-are they ok? also each seed has 2 stems-is this right?
Does the garlic have to be planted in full sun? Down the side of my house would be an ideal patch if the garlic would tolerate some shade.
This is my first time with garlic can you give any tips. I have purchased a plant with what looks like 2 garlic bulbs in.
This garlic blog has been a great help to me I planted a small group in the flower boarder last May or June after reading someones article saying you could,it was just cloves which had started to grow in the kitchen,anyway after planting the rains came,my garden has very heavy clay soil and the garden was under water for days on end some plants drown I lost clematis,old established shrubs and cottage garden plants and it looked like the garlic too until earlier this week after cutting the grass and weeding the borders I spotted a loan garlic, I didn't think about planting one year for cropping the following I was so pleased I will have a go this year with a bulb from a garden shop.


Why do I get a white fungi/coating on the garlic bulbs when they're in the ground. I've had this problem for three years, before this I grew garlic with no problem.
RE: Ria - Dorset If you’re using cloves you need to freeze them. They need to experience a frost before they divide into cloves.
hi, its my 1st attempt at growing garlic. i have planted them in small pots with multi-purpose compost, intending to pot them on when big enough. do i need to put them in a coldframe or can i leave them outside? all help greatly appreciated, thankyou
i was wondering about planting garlic in the winter. what is your winter? i live in vt and i expect that i in a different growing zone. thanks ---larry---
I left my garlic bulbs outside all winter, its been wet and we had snow, but all seems to be ok at the mo. I like the idea of a ridge for clay/wet soil, I will try it for next winter.
Hi everyone, With heavy clay, and we have the heaviest, with in some places just a couple of inches of top soil, we used not to be able to work the ground until May or even June. By adding large amounts of horticultural silver grit sand the ground is now workable anytime of the year and we have had the best crop of garlic ever and other crops too. The grit breaks up the clay beautifully, allowing it to drain and yet hold moisture, regardless of whether there is any organic matter added. Of course the grit isn't a substitute for adding compost and or muck. The grit will enable the clay soil to expand with the growth of the garlic. So for the first time we are trying autumn growing of garlic and hope for a bumper crop. Melvyn
...........and I suspect (and hope!) that you won't be disappointed...but don't forget that you can also plant some spring planting garlic helps extend the season somewhat!
Hi there, this will be my first year planting Garlic. I've bought some bulbs but I'm a little confused as to whether they are planted whole or in single cloves. Would be great if you could shed some light.

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