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Yes strawberries grow very quickly but as with anything i grow, i use some advanced nutrients
How much should I cut back my strawberry plants to get them ready for over wintering? They are in a planter and have masses of leaves and runners, Do I even need to cut them back at all? Thanks in advance for any advice.
Reply to Steve: By the end of the year you can really cut off all the leaves. If you don't need runners to propagate new plants then always cut them off as soon as they develop. New leaves and flowers will form in spring.
growing strawberries in pots is the way to go. So much easier and you can move them in and out to protect them from extremes
My daughter bought a strawberry plant called Red Gauntlet. Does any one know the best way to grow this sort. I only have a small gravelled garden so it will have to go in container or hanging basket.


Hi Adam, That’s news to me about the cold storage runners. One of the easiest ways to procrastinate starting a strawberry bed is to let the idea that you can’t get a harvest the first season discourage your from planting & then getting past that first season. Cold storage runners make that a non-issue, for sure. I agree that netting is the only solution about the birds. Those other things strike me as almost superstitious. I’m also fond of the idea of using pots when space is limited or maybe you need to move the plants for frost protection very early in the season.
Ihave a lizard in my strawberry bed who keeps eating my ripe strawberries. How can I deter him.
I'd like to suggest dried bracken, if you can get it, as an alternative to straw. It's acid, which strawberries like, and keeps the berries nicely off the ground.
thanks for the advice, I'ts the first time I've grown strawberries, and was quite worried as to what to do next.
I have a very large bed of srawberries on my allotment . They've been in the same spot for 2 years and are abit over run .Should I move them now to another bed and any ideas what to do with the excess cos I have far to many? Thankyou
i bought some plastic strawberry pots from the pound shop i have stacked them ten high and filled then with plants i took from runners last year iv put 66 plants in them brill for ten pound plus compost
how many runners from a mother strawberry plant can i put in a 5inch pot to propergate. THANKS
I've put 2 runners in a 5inch pot and they are doing well. Last year i bought 2 plants from a local car boot sale and now i've now ended with over thirty plants which i will let them to flower.
what is biting unripe strawberries off my plants by the stem and just leaving them on the ground uneaten?


im 13 and i really love gardening. does anyone have any advice on growing strawberries.
My strawberries always turn out small and distorted, they are grown in pots and even when I get new plants they seem ok the first year but then get distorted the following year , what am I doing wrong

@ Pam, no dont worry about moving them yet, plants take a couple of years to mature so they should just be ramping up to give you a bumper crop. If congestion, pull a few up to give space, pinch out runners or encourage them to root in 3" pots so they can be easily moved and help your over crowding problem

@Scott - I only ever get 1 year out of my potted strawbs as the Vine weevil always get them, soil always works so much better for me.

@ Benjamin9876. stawberries are pretty easy to grow. they like a good soil, with lots af compost and manure and sume sunshine. i also give mine the out feed during the summer ust as the fruit begin to form. 

The plants will last for 4 or 5 years before they need replacing and they will have 100's of babies before they are done. The babies (on shoots called runners) can be potted up to give you more plants. i think I had about 3 plants 5 or 6 years ago, i now have a whole patch


Peat B

I put in a strawb bed with 50% home grown plants, and the remainder of store bought. I don't know whether it's the weather, but the berries are looking very 'peely wally' and 'she who must' is encouraging me to rip 'em all out and start a new bed. Might this be a good idea. I have invested lots of fibre , mulch material, old growbag stuff, and last year, some old playground bark chips. Have I buggered up the soil ?  

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