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Last weekend I took all my out door tomato plants out as they all had blight, this weekend I think it is time for the greenouse tomatoes to come out. They are not all ripe yet, but any that do not ripen indoors I throw into a soups.
I'm sorry to say that having eagerly trialled thevarieties of tomato sold as 'blight resistant', in cluding Ferline, I have yet to find one which shows even a useful degree of resistance. Ferline was useless for me! Generally speaking cherry toms don't seem to get it as badly or as early in my garden.
gardenerbest......and that is THE best way to avoid blight. But I have known the pathogen's spores to enter via an open greenhouse window....and cause infection!!


whats happened two years on the trot no tomatoes in the greenhouse not thriving at all about 4 or 5 flowers on the truss and only two trusses in the greenhouse following all the advice on what you should do giving up slowly what should i do
Dear Gardeners, I have two large tomato plants in big pots in a sunny part of my garden. I've been tenderley feeding and watering them. Pinching out the little shoots etc as instructed by friends. 'They're very tall, nearly six feet. I thought they were doing really well but they're only just producing their first bunches of tomatoes. Some are full size but all green and the plants still have lots of flowers on them. Please could someone advise what to do? Is it time to give up on these plants.

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