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have planted veg for first time, the leaves on my cabbages and brussell sprouts have holes in them, would it be slugs or perhaps catterpillers, any ideas?
I have planted some cucumber seeds. There were only 4 seeds in the packet and only 2 germinated. (still in date and only just bought them) The 2 plants grew to about 10 inches and were very sturdy and healthy looking. 2 days ago, one of them started drooping and is now just about dead. they were both treated in the same way, they didn't dry out and the remaining one is still very healthy. They were still in pots. I took it out of the pot to look at roots/stem but can't see anything. they look like they've died from lack of water. No marks on leaves at all. Anyone know what went wrong? I'm baffled!
Any ideas (apart from putting a 6ft fence around my 4 acre garden)how to stop deer for eating my veg and roses?
I don't know whether it would work for deer, Jane, but , at the botanic Garden we put semi= circular bamboo fencing round precious borders to keep out the badgers and foxes. We leave a pathway between leading to the favoured hole under the fence and they keep to the path! I have a six foot fence at the back of my garden but a deer vaulted it once and nobbled the lush green shoots off my roses. At the moment two foxes have taken to sitting guard over my strawberries and are doing a good job of keeping away marauding wood pigeons.
For the first time in ages have been to the top steep section of my garden, which I left to go wild. To my great delight found I have a toad, small one, hoping for more, plus bumblebee nest, also a nest of small looking wasps, that have made holes in my cranesbill's leaves, I want to cut it back,but do not want to disturb them. Are they wasps, or another type of bee, they have drilled holes in the cranebill's leaves. It looks a mess!!!!


Is horse manure good for a garden that is being used to grow veg.The ground has not been used for some time. If it is is there a time of the year to dig it in or just leave it on the service.
i've accidently sprayed my Runner beans with 'Rose Clear'. They're in flower but no beans yet. Does this mean that I won't be able to eat them when they do appear?
I've accidently sprayed my Runner Beans with 'Rose Clear'. Does this mean that I won't be able to eat them when they appear? They are in flower but no beans yet.
ooh, I've just eatten my first lot of maj touts only had about 10 and only six of them made it to the pot to cook. When ever im in the garden im picking them and eatting them raw. there lovely. The same applys to my blackcurrants. my corn seems to be doing well. But i havent really had a good display of flowers on my potatoes this year so fingers crossed. it won't reflect on my crop which i plan to harvest come sept-oct. My grape vine seems to have stated fruiting now so should be a very pleasing crop from that. My swedes are doing brillant there huge. Im so please with my vegs and fruit most i grew from seed its so rewarding to see them doing so well. And i have clay soil. If i can do it any one can its just the best.feeling in the world.
aphids aarrrr there driving me nuts i have every colour in my garden not to mention slugs and snails.Im gonna try the peppermint and lavender spray, The lady recommended on here.Although im pleased to report i have alot more lady bird now which im very pleased about and hopefully there will be more come next year. I also have a frog that lives in my garden so i let him take care of the slugs and snails if i find any i throw them onto my shed roof and the bird get them. aphids i squash and dose with soapy water.but i have noticed these insect on my gazanias they kinda small round and some are black with orange they dont seem to be causing any trouble but would love to know what they are they remind me of very small bettles. some are black and creamy coloured oh well
I've grown leeks and spring onions in my garden with my flowers aswell as my veg to keep the aphids away.
Hi Guy's, Hope you can help. I am attempting to grow a lemon tree indoors on the top of the stairs at work which is surrounded by glass so very warm all the time. Getting new leaves all the time and smels very strong of lemon. But, I am getting a white sticky substance on the back of the leaves like wet sugar. I started to take the leaves of but now I wipe them with water and washing up liquid. What is it? and can it be stopped.
tillymint - sounds like mealybug, which is very fond of citrus trees. They secrete a sticky substance called honeydew, which can cause mildew to develop on the leaves. You are right to remove the secretions with washing up liquid. Inspect the plant regularly for bugs and remove any you see. This, along with regular removal of the mealybug should eventually get rid of them. Kate


I have grown red cabbage for the first time this year and I looked at them a couple of days ago and they were being eaten by something. I went out today and saw caterpillar looking things eating away at them. what can I do to stop them??

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