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...but what do you do with them after you've collected them? I can stomp on one snail but get squeamish about mass murder!
What a good idea to have a snail hunt. As soon as it stops raining I shall be out there with a pail of salt water.
Wow, havn't checked the bird boxes yet!! And talking of birds, they are one possible method of green-disposal!
Are they really edible?? I have got lots in my small garden. Does anyone have a recipe for cooking snails?


Icky!!! I did find a large amount in a plastic bag at the back of the greenhouse the other day. Needless to say, neck tied and in the bin! Perhaps a few bag lined pots selectively placed around the garden would help solve a disposal problem??
I went for a walk on the Scarborough disused railway track and at a disused platform there where hundreds of snails hibernating on the wall uck! If I Lived nearer I would take some salt water.
I just can't bring myself to kill them even thought one of some of my favourite plants are Hostas. I tend to collect them on a trowel and hurl them into the middle of the garden and hope the birds do it for me!!
mmmmmm, I'm very glad I'm a vegetarian, but do you know even if I were a rampant carnivore, I suspect there are some things I would not ever much garlic butter was used!!!! Neat idea about the poly-bag lined pots...
you can eat snails, but you must purge them first, after collecting a few you must put them in a container, one they cant get out of... and let them get rid of any fecal waste they may have, obviously dont give them anything to eat, after about three days you can then cook them, garlic butter or whatever recipe you have for snails.
I also cannot bring myself to kill all the snails in my garden that are nestling in between to stone walls. If I toss them over the fence into the park, do you think they will be eating by the birds or will crawl back into the garden (mine or a neighbours)?
I have a problem with olive green slugs, usually we have seen plain back slugs in the garden but these are mottled green colour?
I prefer to give all snails i find in the garden flying lessons(there not very good at it)but at least when they hit the ground its fresh food for the birds
I was out walking in Cumbria this weekend when I came upon dozens of snails of all sizes in a crevice in the trunk of a large tree. I poked them with my stick but they were stuck fast. I've found them under stones and in the compost heap but never in trees. I was pleased to see a number of thrushes nearby. Hopefully they will have a good feed on them. Meanwhile, I will continue to dispose of the ones in my garden by any means possible. But forget about beer traps. The snails just throw boozy parties and procreate all the more.
At dusk, my lawn is teaming with slugs. (my garden is 100 x 40ft in size). Literally covered with them. Not sure how to deal with this problem as there are quite a few cats in the area I don't wish them to come to any harm through any chemical solutions. Advice greatly appreciated.


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