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The link to the videao has the wrong name! It should read "grass" rather that "buddleya"
I really enjoy the how to do video clips but am infuriated by the preceeding advertisement. Is there a way of avoiding these adverts? This morning I have a message saying the adobe flash plug in has crashed. Hopefully it is the car in the advert and I shall see it no more!
"Now is the right time to..."
When?!? When is the right time? I don't know when this clip was first broadcast! How about dating them or giving a month at least in the title, please, Gardeners' World?

Good point about dates.  For anyone who doesn't know, ornamental grasses - except groups like Carex which only need raking through to remove dead growth - should be cut back in late winter/early spring before the new growth starts to come through but after serious frosts and snow have gone so Feb/March depending on region and weather.

Tricia Muddyboots
My ornamental grasses break off in he wind and blow all over the garden, seeding themselves where I don't want them, so I cut mine down in late October.


Not really ideal to cut them down in autumn.  Spring is advisable.

Nothing too crucial really except right now to be a little careful to remove just old growth.  So not right down to base now.   Snap and cut and comb out base with fingers to tidy up.  A tickle in of compost and fertiliser too helps.


Verdun: I gave my grasses a trim last night while repairing dog related pot holes. They're all ever greens but looked very untidy after combing them through and retrieving tennis balls.

What fertiliser would you recommend for grasses? They've had b&b before but would sometjing else be better?


i don't like to over feed.....if they're growing well I would lightly use fish blood n bone again.

you don't say what grasses

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