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love seeing all the new things from gardeners world, shame some of us haven't got enough room in our gardens to try every thing out, at the moment I am still struggling to get things under control after the winter and my garden is smothered in ground elder as my neighbours think it's ground cover and leave it to romp all over the place. my peonies are comming up nicely though even though they have to put up with heavy clay,
enjoy all these little tit bits of information.
In this current financial climate I am having to cut back on heating the greenhouse, am now just keeping it to 'frost-free'. Will this impact on when I can start sowing my annuals, eg. lobelia, and any other perennial variety seeds?
Hi i don't have a green house can i keep them in the house. I do have covered shelves outside that has been usefull in the summer, is it still to cold to use that?


thanks i try from seeds aswel as tubers this yr
I've just moved into my Dad's house, where sadly after caring for his disabled wife, his garden has been left to be mainly bare beds. I was expecting to have to buy dahlia bubs, but I may try seeds. There's only so much money for a first year and beginners in the garden!
Alex Lane
Do you have to "nip out" the centre of Dahlias, grown from seed?
I have only recently taken to gardening but get frustrated as all I seem to find is how to grow from seed but not how to get seed from an existing plant. Help!
I grew dahlias from seed this year and was delighted with the results. They are still flowering and I spent this morning collecting seed for next year. One word of caution though, slugs like them too. I gave a tray of young plants to a friend and they were demolished in one weekend.
Is it necessary to pinch out dahlia grown from seed to produce buhier plants.
my seedlings are leggy with four sets of leaves should i pinch out the tip
ray mccarthy wrote (see)
my seedlings are leggy with four sets of leaves should i pinch out the tip


My dear little dahlias are looking really great now, almost 3 inches in height and producing side shoots. I am wondering whether to pinch out the tops to encourage the side shoots and the plants to bush out. Would you recommend this please?


This a great cheap way to get lots of plants & you get a nice surprise from using a mixed seed.
If you want taller ones with single flowers, good for bees etc, then give Bishops Children a go.