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Garlic- If my garlic plants go to seed does that mean that will be no good for harvesting, or can I just decapitate the seed head and let them carry on? Why do my garlic plants manage to bury themselves so deeply?
Which way round are you supposed to plant them? Pointy end up or down?
Last year my garlic only grew very small,what did I do wrong.
I am going to plans out my Garlic bulbs tomorrow but am concerned it may be too cold? I purchased the cloves from my local grocer so they are very fresh they are also French the date today is the 11th December and cold weather is forcast am I okay to plant out?
I recently bought some large garlic bulbs from a supermarket, the bulbs are just one large clove slightly smaller than a golf ball or about the size of a large chestnut. Can these bulbs be planted like the smaller ones? And do you know what this round variety of bulb is called?


this is so easy im going to do it next year
Can you recommend some varities please. I want to grow 2 or 3 different varities next year.
I planted my garlic cloves last Autumn, when will they be ready to harvest? The plants are growing well at the moment? Any suggestions on keeping them that way?
I think this type of garlic is called elephant garlic, see also
i planted mine on 26/9/2011. when do i harvest
Just break off the bud as soon as you see it. These bulbs I just keep for use, not for seed. No idea why they bury themselves deeply but I guess it's probably to get a good moisture supply.
Don't worry about the cold - but the ground you're growing in matters. If it's claggy clay, delay planting until Feb or March. If sandy, autumn or winter should be OK.

It's more reliable to grow cloves intended for British weather, ie, from UK seed catalogs. They're expensive initially but you can always save some of your cloves for planting next year.

Garlic is ready for harvesting once the leaves start to go brown & die back - usually summer.

BTW, garlic cloves need a period of cold before growth to ensure they divide well - I leave mine in the veg drawer of the fridge for a week or two before planting. And I plant them a couple of inches into the ground - if you're planting a lot make a small dibber - it saves wear on your poor finger!

Peat B

I had a BUMPER crop of really  good first class quality garlic last year ! It was all from my crop of 2010, and if it is grown from home produced bulbs, then it seems to be accliatised for your own area. I agree with slugsbgone about when to plant out. In Northumberland, we don't have to worry about whether we'll get a frost.

WE GET FROSTS HERE ALRIGHT !!!!  and I'm  just waiting for a chance to plant out sometime later this month !


I'm a first time grower. Never done any planting before. On the advice of a friend who has an allotment I planted my garlic bulbs in December and the leaves are already starting to go brown. Is this too erly for them to be ready?

Emma Crawforth

Hello Mutts,

In mild areas it should be fine to plant garlic in December. I don't know where you are growing it. Have a look at our project on the subject. We have had such strange weather recently that some crops may not grow as we would have hoped. My broad beans, sowed before Christmas  as an anti-blackfly measure, have flopped in the cold weather. But I'm not giving up because at this time of year it's what's below ground that really matters.

Emma. team

Charlie Potatoes
I always start garlic off in late autumn and pick in summer the next year. Stored in my cool shed I have garlic all year from a 1 x 5m bed and I eat garlic every day. Only use the big fat cloves and soak overnight. Then leave folded in a damp tea towel for a couple of days. Plant out in a fine soil just below the surface. 4 inches of snow covering in January when the plants are 8 inches tall does them no harm at all. I always keep the plants well weeded and I trim off the straggling leaves that touch the ground.
Shop bought garlic can be successful if you shop around for good varieties. It is also much cheaper.
Hi do i take the skins of each bulb before planting or do i leave them on