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How long does the fleece stay on?

My guess that is to stop birds pulling the leeks out of the ground until they are rooted??-so not long-have to admit have never heard of this before

I always grow mine in modules and wait until they are a few inches tall before dibbing a deep hole and popping them in (watering only, not filling in with earth

How long do you need to leave the fleece on?
chilli lover

Mike - I start mine off in the greenhouse (unheated) in trays and pot on until a suitable time for planting out  - mine don't get fleeced. Are you sowing yours direct?


Woodgreen wonderboy

I built a new raised bed in my vegetable garden last year. What to plant as a first effort towards end of summer?? Amongst other thiings planted out some small leek plants bought in Garden Centre and also sowed some leek seeds. Latter are still too small to eat, but former have nearly all been eaten!! Good for succession but best return clearly from small plants. Delicious.

And no fleece in sight then wonder boy
Woodgreen wonderboy

No. I find that fleece can sometimes be a problem in frosty conditions whch is somewhat ironic. What happens is that the fleece gets wet with rain or condensation and in frosty conditions this freezes. If the fleece is in contact with the plant real damage can result.It is not always possible to keep the fleece up off the pants. Leeks are really hardy anyway.

Point 1. Can you put too much manure under the soil in which you are going to plant your leeks?
Point 2. Is there a disadvantage to growing leeks in a container? I understand the need to maintain watering etc..

Have recently sown my leek seeds and they have already produced small shoots!

Will read your blog frequently to try and produce good veg throughout the year.

Many thanks


As the leek seed is large enough to handle individually wouldn't
it be more practical to sow one seed per pot thereby eliminating
stage two. I intend to sow indoors January -
harden off in greenhouse March -
plant out under cloches April.

I start my leeks off from seed in January, sow them in trays and place in window sill propgator till they get first true leaves then re-tray them and store on window sill until they can go in cold greenhouse, i don't even bother hardening them off, once all threat of frost has past they go into the plot, and stay there all year, we have em' for Xmas dinner

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