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Can I plant F1 varieties together? They are Swift and Incredible. I do not plan on collecting the seeds from them, just eating them
have found orange beetles on my lillies ,have never seen them before they have chewed holes in all the leavesI have had to stamp on them to kill them will they kill my plants and where have they come from. how can I stop them. there is slime on the back of leaves are the eggs in that slime I have sprayed with diluted wash up liquid.
You will find that almost all of your crop is ready to pick at about the same time and you can't eat them fast enough. They turn starchy if left more than 24 hrs. I pick ALL that are ready and remove the wrapping around the kernel. I then wrap the bare kernels in cling film and put them in the freezer. At a later date (many months!) my wife takes the sweetcorn out of the freezer and puts them straight into a steamer, without de-frosting. They are still sweet and juicy - far better that shop bought ones.
How do you know when the sweetcorn is ready to eat?
when is it ideal to plant sweet corn.? are there varieties of seeds for sweet corns.if so which one is the long does it take for sweet corn to grow? best regards kgosi


Emma Crawforth

Hello Kgosi,

It's still a bit early to sow sweetcorn. You can start in mid-April, and at that time you need to do it under glass as it needs warmth to germinate. 'Lark' , 'Earliking', 'Golden Bantam' and 'Earlybird' are all tried and tested early varieties. Pick one variety to grow at a time. You could be harvesting the crop from around August / September.  Have a look at our project on growing sweetcorn and Adam's blog for some tips.

Enjoy it!

Emma team

Hi rosy toes the beetle your talking about is called a lily beetle Make sure you kill them all or they will lay eggs in the soil you will find that they come out in the sun and when its warm but crush them or you wont have many plants left !!!!
No mention of distances between plants ?
My young sweet corn plants are about a foot tall but have 2 shoots, one stronger than the other. Should I remove the weaker one? Caroline R

Did you sow two seeds in each pot?  if so remove the weaker plant. If they are big plants then it may be easier to just cut the weak one off at soil level instead of damaging the roots trying to remove it.

Thanks for that, fidgetbonesThey were single plants so I'll do it with a sharp blade to cause least disturbance.

My sweetcorn plants are doing very well so far but there are small shoots coming from the bases. Should I remove these side shoots to strengthen the main plant or leave them alone?

These sideshoots are called tillers - there's no need to remove them - they're regarded as a sign that growing conditions are good 

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