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@figrat.. yeah if you only have a small amount of plants to protect then doing half is better.. in otehr half were stuff that were as tough as nuts.. so didnt bother. i made sure i could open the window to aireate on warm days and kept condensation down along with the lift up doors.. i also put it on the shelves to help insulate that way.. give anything a go to see if it works me

I agree with bc103963. You cannot bang nail or pins into an aluminium greenhouse. I have a brand new greenhouse which is lacquered in green and am not prepared to start ruining the paintwork!

I have a 6' x 8' aluminium greenhouse which I bought from a friend when she went home to the States.  It came with ready cut bubble wrap and plastic clips and it does just take me 30 to 40 minutes to install it.   It's the emptying, cleaning and restocking afterwards that takes the time.

I'm considering buying extra buble wrap to give the walls a double layer this winter as it's been relocated to a sunnier site and, as yet, has no electricity supply for the heater.

My Aluminium Greenhouse is about 7'x 6', & over thirty years old,  last year I got a large roll of bubblewrap from the Amazon marketplace, complete with plastic twist clips. The roll  is suitable in  size to fit each portion (30"), & cover all of it. The only downside for me was that I had to file down the end that slotted into the groove, as it was slightly too deep for it. I agree with obelixx, in that it's the emptying & cleaning that is the real time issue.

Check out Amazon for rolls of bubble wrap. When I bought mine it was MUCH cheaper than my Garden Centre.
I had to use tape to keep pieces together for my little aluminium framed plastic greenhouse - not sure how that will stand up to the cold - it gets brittle. Time will tell!!


I bought my bubblewrap from a an internet supplier I need 20 mtrs for my old 10x8. aluminium greenhouse, the problem is to get the right wdth, as most bubble wrap is 1mtr wide ,this is too wide and to avoid having to join it ineeds to be 27inches wide so to overlap the gla,zing bars, I fix mine with twist clips, it has lasted two years so far, you need strong double sided tape to fix the wrap to the opening vents
ok , brilliant, but we have a polycarbonate greenhouse with no wood to attach bubble wrap . any idea would be gratefully welcomed x
No more nails and stick the bubble wrap to the glass in the corners.
It worked for me.
I bought 100Mtrs x 1Mtr for £17.99 from an auction site.
Can you please explain how to insulate an aluminium greenhouse
This is what I would like to know

Hi mallingopal, if you go back to start of this thread I think you'll know what to do.

I also put an old wooden pallet on part of the GH floor to stand big pots on, so that if I water them they aren't standing in the wet and it helps air circulate around them.

Double sided tape does the job in my alumium greenhouse and plastic twist pegs for my plastic coated greenhouse both done with bubble wrap.


I had the idea to make a GH inside a GH, so I bought a plastic one and have put it up inside my big one. If I need to bubble wrap the is the one i will do

 It only cost me £4 and i'm hoping it will work

Presumably fit inside the greenhouse, which way round - bubbles to the glass or flatside to the glass?


I have mine flat to the glass, you will need to buy spacers, that will make an airflow space and keep the greenhouse warmer. Its like double glazing on your house windows, the bigger the space between the glass, the more effective it is.


How do you fix bubble wrap to an aluminium greenhouse

you can buy clips that fit into the glazing bars, have a look on ebay - greenhouse clips

Can anyone recommend good tape to fix the bubblewrap edges in place? I bought a roll of Gardman Weather Proofing Tape 50Mm X 20M last year but it didn't stick well, especially once it got wet with condensation

Also, should I try to plug the gaps in the aluminium frame of my Polycarbonate greenhouse - especially the corners and roof ends - and if so, what is best to use?

Thanks everyone for a really useful thread so far!

After insulating my green house with bubble wrap condensation is very bad this has never happened before could it be there is a big gap at the apex from the glass to the bubble wrap.

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