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Have been busy building a bumble bee house since I looked at the instructions on your site. Thanks for something so sensible, I was bought a bumble bee house as a present that actually looked like a house! No takers for that so far. feel your design willbe more successful!!
A hedgehog came in the kitchen last night so I will build him/her a house and put it near the back door!!! Thanks for a great web site
I don't think there are any wooden wine crates to get in Sweden, where I live, so it would be helpful to have an approximate measure of the house. Do hedgehogs hibernate together (so more could use the house if I make it larger), or would a larger house just be a waste of the warmth a single hedgehog produces?
That looks great - I'd love to have hedgehogs nesting in my garden. I was wondering though - would rats nest in it? If so, how would you stop them?
We had a tiny hodgeheg snuffling around our garden so im going to try and build a house for him/her to snuggle down in winter. when the spring comes, there are hundreds of slugs to wakeup to and have a big feed. Thankyou for showing me how to make the house.


I have schematic for a hedgehog house that's relatively square with a push on lid. The sizes are : 18 inches x 15 inchesx 9.5 inches. Hope this helps - wish I could include a picture for you
would be helpful if we could access the answers to the queries!!!!!
I don't know if it will attract hedgehogs but making a house has kept a teenager happy all afternoon. Any hogs will be a bonus.
Just reading the wildlife comments.Somebody asks if rats would nest in a hedgehog house? If so how do you stop this?I would also like the answer to this question but your sectioin does not allow the reader to view the answers.Please help.
a question was asked about would a hedgehog house get rats nesting in it and the answer could not be seen. someone else commented and said they couldnt see the answer either. i registered and still cannot see the answer. how do you get to see the answers to the questions. if we cant see the answers then the site isnt any good to us
I can see that two other people also would like an answer to the question I asked 2 years ago about rats - is this comments area just for comments and not questions? I haven't found the answer to this question anywhere else, although I have built 3 hedgehog houses and just hope the rats don't like them.
Peat B
I have built a veritable bird house estate or some 6 boxes, around my allotment, and the only residents for the past three years have been wasps ! As these much maligned creatures are more beneficial to the gardening than some ungrateful birds, they are now most welcome ! I am gunna re-site the boxes this January, and hope a hoopoe might lose it's way and reside temporarily ! The ONLY successful nesting was in a joke box, and a wren made it a home for one band of hooligans
Peat B
As far as rats are concerned, I think they are smarter than us every time. I have, this PM, been hijacked by a small h'hog of 6 weeks old,(happy birthday' ! It is now well settled into our spare bedroom as it is too small and underweight to go out anymore. It is 200gr as opposed to the wished for 600gr. Northumberland is unforgiving weather-wise for wee critturs.
Peat B
Hedgehog is costing us a small fortune already ! so it had better live the night out !

Size of new wine crates are (328 x 283 x 377) mm


thankyou for this really usfull info as we have a mum and her 2 baby's hedgehog's living under my daughter's playhouse which has become unsafe for her o play in so we have to take it down and i did not wan't to make our hedgehog's homelsee as mum has beeen in our garden for a few year's now' so we made our own hedgehog house and are going to put that in it's place BUT we are in thee middle of febuary when will the baet time to move them as i know there are hibernating now and how do i go about interducing them into there new home. thankyou for the help. sue.s

re rats.....well, the brown rat tends to burrow under things - like our shed, for instance, and sets up home underneath it, having excavated a big tunnel, a bit like a badger does with his sett.  They will also make tunnels and live in these, but they really don't much care to have to be out in the 'open' - they usually stay close to a wall/barrier - hence 'rat-run' or 'rat-race'.  If you can site a hedgehog box in the middle of a more open space, and maybe cover it with leaves, it might prove safer than if it were near a wall.  I'm not sure a rat would attempt to eat a 'hog, though.

i go to make a HEDGEHOG house in my garder the no were to but what can i do
nice one never thought about that one where can get or rehome
Hedgehog from as used have n one but not seen it for years
nice one but where would get a hedge hog from