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Did you never do this as a child? Everyone knows how to papier mache a balloon!
When I first moved in to this house we regularly had 7 house martins building their nests and bringing up their chicks outside our bedroom window! Now, 24 years later, we see them but none stop to build. I'd love to try making these but wonder if the paint and glue be safe for the chicks?
Place a round balloon in a vase, pointing downwards. ?? Am I missing something here? I do not understand the first sentence of Step 1.
This nest looks so attractive.
To hold the inflated balloon put the knotted end into a vase so that the dome of the balloon is supported but your hands are free to apply the papier mache - simples!


Just a suggestion, but rather than paint the papaertry coating it with PVA then dry fine soil. When set another coat of PVA seals the soil but it looks more realistic.

Made ten. grandchildren had great fun and made a lovely mess. Make loads cos they are a colony living bird


Do you have photos ?


Hey look at this made of paper Mach......


It is so good you people making House Martin nest boxes!  HMs are in trouble and a declining species.  Good luck with attracting them.  Alternatively, the RSPB sells nest boxes for those who don't want to make them:

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