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Rosemary has a great smell and lots of uses, such as in cooking but lovely in the bath and rincing your hair, another great herb is Lemon Balm an infussion for drinking or the final rince on your hair works wonders on the shine.
Thats a great idea - would you brew the rosemary/lemon balm and use that water for the rinse?
My 20 year old rosemary bush is dying, so I took 9 cuttings, treated them as described above and 6 have taken. The rooting powder says that it should not be used on edible crops, but I do not plan to use any leaves in cooking for a few years, does this sound OK?
my rosemary bush has a large branch which has been broken off by the weight of snow is there any way i can save it i know its the wrong time of year but it is going to die off if i dont try anything, it is still very green at the moment
Emma Crawforth

Hello Mary,

It's early to try cuttings at this time of year but if you have some spare compost and pots, you could try heel cuttings to see if you have any success. You pull a new shoot away from the main stem, so that you retain some bark from the main stem on it. Trim off the bottom to make a neat 'heel'. Also remove some of the lower leaves. Plant the heel end in free-draining compost. Water, then cover the whole lot in a transparent plastic bag to stop the top leaves loosing too much moisture. Place it somewhere warm and light, but not sunny. I'm not going to promise you success at this time of year but it won't take you long to do if you already have the materials.

If you don't get any roots this time you can try the process again in spring. That way you can save the remains of your plant and start again with a fresh one later on.

Emma team


When you say fed with a dilute solution of fertiliser, which one would you recommend?
What is a gritty compost mix?
Hi I have taken some successful Rosemary cuttings but have just noticed it says not for edible crops. Will they be safe to use or should I try and find a different compound that's human safe? Thanks in advance.

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