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I have also a parrotia, its only a small three year old tree, but i have never seen flowers on it yet, i presume flowers only appear on older trees ?
I'm looking forward to seeing my new Wintersweet (Chimonanthus praecox) that my sister gave it to me for Christmas last year, in flower, when it does eventually anyway! It's scented like the hamamelises (pl?!) so it has a double-whammy! :-)
Thanks for the link! I gave my son in North Carolina a Parrotia for Christmas in 2008. It has done well in his garden there. Frances at Fairegarden
Thanks for the link from me too - though with all this wintry weather I'm not hopeful this year!
And it gets it's name Parrotia because of the brightly coloured autumn leaves we say. No named after a German naturalist and traveller F W Parrot. So, did he also name the bird?


Parrotia persica really lovely and would love one for my garden, the big holiday advert is this the only way to obtain one or can we just go to a nursery in England and have it delivered to our door.
Most certainly my favourite. I have several in my garden. I see them everyday and it always cheers me up. Thanks for the article on the parrotia perscia, it made my day reading it.
Loved the link to Fairegarden. On it they showed a spectacular Muhlenbergia Capillaris. Will it grow here in Norfolk UK and where can I buy it please?
I have two parrotias planted 6 years ago. They were bought for their foliage and I had no idea they flowered too nor have I ever seen any sign of flowers and a careful check today shows none now either. My winetrs are colder and longer than teh average UK winter so maybe they'll flower a bit aletr on as they're certainly big enough now. If they don't flower this year, is teher anything I can do to encourage them? They are both in full sun on good fertile soil.

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