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My partner runs an equestrian centre and trains horses.   We don't have any at all on our land and neither do any of the farmers around us.   Indeed we all even cut the verges ourselves and I've been known to stop the car or get off my horse just to pull a bit up.     But it's really irritating that further away, it's all along the main A road verge.

Hi All, 

I have Japanese Knotweed in my back garden , Its on the boundry with a Council property. They have written to me to cut it down or they will send someone in to do it at my cost.. I was wondering , Can I cut it down when it is in full flower like it is at the moment, or is there a better time to do it ? Thanks


I had NO idea gunnerra was also so invasive, I was about to plant some. I definitely won't now


Ah that's a relief, I'll look into it.


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