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I saw a Jersey Tiger this summer for the first time. It settled long enough for me to take a photo so that I could identify it later. Like many others, I saw them in the areas around Ladywell fields so it seems from all the reports that there is a thriving population here.
I have just seen a Jersey tiger moth in my garden in Greenwich, SE London. First time I've seen one in London.
we have seen several off these moths sometimes 4-5 at a time but i havent seen them before this when somebody said about them i said we have seen them too
We had a couple these resident in our back garden in Forest Hill SE23 in early August. This is the first time I have ever seen this moth.


I have seen the Jersey Tiger Moth twice in our garden in Camberwell and once on our front door when I took a photo of it. I knew it was a newcomer but have only just identified it - no wonder I couldn't find it in our butterfly book! It has a striking presence and is a clear,jewel-red colour. When resting, the tiger-sriped wings are a wonderful sight to behold. I am so interested that there have been all these sightings in our area.
We Have seen several today in our sheltered housing unit at Fairfields Catford SE62HH they are lovely to look at nobody has said that they have seen any this year maybe we are lucky Sue
Update This last week, our garden has been alive with Jersey Tigers, both colour forms, red and yellow hind wings.
On the 31st of July my wife Joyce dragged me to the Budleija and asked me what on earth she had spotted buzzing around it. Oh,says I,that is a great northern humming bird hawk moth impressing the wife no end. then I explained about reading of the moth in the south only the day before,not seen here until now, lost perhaps? or ranging further than previously thought? We live in Warrington !!
I was cycling through the new garden near Lewisham station this evening at 9.30 when I noticed a cream colouerd flash before my eyes and then became aware that a Jersey Tiger Moth had landed on my bag strap on my chest. Fascinating creatures but a bit to close for comfort, so i freaked and started blowing at it like a man possesed. It must have thought there was a hurricaine or something.
Reply to F.J.Periera-Santos The thing about hummingbird hawkmoths is that fly very fast and very strongly, so they can get right across the country if weather conditions are right. I've not seen one in my London garden this year, but my parents who live near Eastbourne have had several.
Saw a Jersey tiger moth in Catford (SE6) back garden this morning (23/07/11). Has anyone seen more this year?


I have seen a Jersey Tiger on two occasions in the last week in my garden in south London.

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