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Found my first one a couple of days ago 


Oh... I absolutely detest lily beetles - another pest to make our lives difficult in the garden.  I have squashed them on the stone path and I hate the squishy noise and colour.  Birds and other prey do not seem interested in them.  I have almost given up growing lilys because of these pesky red beetles.  I have some white arum lilies that are not affected.  They dont seem to go for my orange coloured day lilies either.  I will  try the remedies you suggest if I have another go at growing the lovely white lilies.

Before removing the beetles place a light coloured cloth under the plans. The beetles will drop of and land on their backs resulting in them dissapearing in the soil as they are black. They can easily be seen on a light cloth.

The potty gardener

I saw- and squished five a couple of days ago but haven't seen any since. I find myself keep getting up and inspect all my lilies every time I try to sit down to relax

Wendy, that is a really good suggestion. I have noticed when they drop from the plant they just disappear unless you catch them, cunning little blighters!! The damage they do is unforgivable though. They absolutely gorged on my prized lilly plant last year. I am out to get them so I will be cutting up that torn white pillow case (an old one so please don't think something else!) and tucking it under my beautiful plants this summer. Why is it they only go for some species?



Found they are nearly always in twos. I'm checking at least twice a day. I grub around under the foliage place one hand underneath it and grab with the other they drop and play dead but usually catch them. Then it's curtains. If you water the lilies and wait a while they come to upper leaves to dry off. They wrecked my plants last year. War here!

Mary Canary
These horrible little creatures are the only thing I kill in the gardenπŸ‘πŸ‘
As I am as organic as I can possibly be I don't kill any other little creature as I firmly
believe everything has a place in the great food chain of life.πŸ’š
My family of hedgehogs,toads,frogs&newts all look after my garden safe in the knowledge
that they will not be killed by eating POISON πŸ™€
The only other little creatures that come to call in my garden that I'm not too keen on are
moles who like the taste of my organic earth worms😳
& OTTERS who have eaten all my beautiful KOIπŸ‘ŽπŸ˜‹
But when you are starving who cares where the next meal comes from when your an otter!
I have also found Lily Beetle on Tulip and Saracoca not just lilies and fritilaries.
I have bought a carnivorous plant.I knock these beetles off onto newspaper as suggested.I then feed to my plant saying at the same time " what goes around comes around !"does make one feel good too !

thankyou for all these comments I have found them very interesting I have had my orange lily devastated the last two years. they are very clever beetles and the lava well amazing.  I will indeed try spraying with oil.  Does anyone know  does this nastiness stay in the soil or on the bulbs?

You have my sympathy and wish you luck in getting rid of them. I no longer grow these lilies - the red beetles have won!! I am now struggling with rust on my hollyhocks!!
what does the sunflower oil do exactly, can't see why this would deter the larvae unless they are choosy about their diet ???

I tried the coffee grounds this year and no beetles Lilly's looking great

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