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II wish I had a solution because twisted ankles and falls are a real issue. Most activity happens out of sight.

I think gardens and allotments take more of a hit because the soil condition is improved: providing more invertebrate food for the moles. My last garden was compacted subsoil clay with no loam or worms, and thus no moles.

If someone has experienced moles they could not say plant flowers and shrubs to be stunted and die though lack of root development and water.

If you grow your own and are invaded, you find fruit bushes that do not fruit, onions and vegetables stunted, seeds and seedlings vanish, beans that just suddenly wilt midseason, carrots and parsnips that turn into spikey spiders, brassica that do not form hearts (they need firm soil), and more. And this happens out of sight.

A suggestion I will try this year is to set open plastic bottles 2/3 into the ground. The wind blowing over the top is supposed to make an annoying noise.





last year I attend a talk on Garden problems which included Moles and the Lecture felt that the only permanent solution to them is Traps and Poison but this needs to be done professionally . All the other solutions are not permanent , even then another one could turn up 

Best of luck everybody


Hi There, We moved house earlier this year to Somerset to a lovely large house with a lovely large garden. ...but with one problem ..moles!! arrgh.. initially I didnt want to trap them so I tried those sonar stake things you put in the ground. At first I thought it had worked but no, they came back after about 2 weeks. Then my neighbours gardener told me the only way was to trap them and after a but of research I found the 'EasySet' mole trap which was fab, much easier to use than the metal ones - I could easily do it myself, you just push down this plunger thing. and it is also a lot kinder for the mole as it kills them quicker..very important for me as I would hate to think of it suffering at all. Well worth a try. the moles do seem to have gone - and its been 6 months now . Not sure if they are ever likely to come back though? does anyone know why moles prefer some lawns and not others? its not a problem i have ever had before..a whole new experience for me!


HURRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Caught the one in the Island bed, only three or so more to go in other parts of the garden!

Just get a mole plant not sure of proper name, but i have 8 suddenly appeared in my garden, much more humane as they deter moles with the smell apparently



So effective that the one I had was dug up by one of the moles!


Some moles just don't read the gardening books! 


Mole plants don't work.   Nothing does other than trapping and relocating or trapping and killing.

It is so mild here I've been out and cut the grass for the first time this year - something which normaly happens in April.  It is now looking a bit muddy in places where I have flattened mole hills but now I can see where the new ones appear in the morning and blast the perishers into compost before I break an ankle or knacker my back tripping in one of their galleries.









Professional contractors who use a gassing compound cannot apply to habituated areas less than 10m away. The label has changed which has been recommended by the Chemical Regulations Directorate. Trapping in most domestic situations is the best way.

We had a bad mole problem when we moved to our current house 7 years ago. I tried all the non-lethal methods but they didn't work - mole plants dug up, windmills and eletronic vibration deterrants surrounded by more mole hills etc. I was at my wits end until I heard a lecture at the Loseley Park show in Surrey by a mole catcher. I bought a probe and barrel trap from him and haven't looked back. We used to get problems with mole hills every spring and autumn but ever since acquiring my trusty trap the moles responsible haven't been around for long!  We haven't had a problem for a couple of years now but there will aways be a risk of further visitations...just something we will have to put up with but we no longer despair! A useful book on the topic is "Mole Catching, a practical guide" by Jeff Nicholls published by the Crowood Press. It contains a wealth of information and useful hints and tips for dealing with problem moles.

I do have problems with moles on my allottment 

2 hills appeared in my new asparagus bed , so I tried something different I poured a couple of watering cans of water down each and they have not come back yet


We have been plagued by moles for a long time. The best remedy (having tried the lot!) is to remove the loose soil. Fill in the hole and bang the ground quite hard with the back of your spade. The moles don't like vibration and after a few times doing this, they do tend to beat a retreat. A neighbour told us to do this as he has had success with this for years. Sounds a bit odd but it does work if you are persistent. Also use the removed soil for planting up seeds etc. It is the best worked soil you can get as the mole has done all the work for you. You must do the above method quite quickly. Don't leave the molehill for a few days. You have to do it ASAP. Happy mole hunting.

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