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I would just like to wish Monty all the very best and hope that he feeling a lot better. I have really enjoyed his being on Gardeners World and feel he made a really big contribution to the success of this programme.
What sad, sad news you are a top man, a man of the soil and my Friday nights wont be the same some how. Not to diss any of the other presenters since the great, great G.H my true life gardening HERO & mentor but you always gave me the same passion and inspiration he did, you always seemed to be in touch with the soil and every living thing you touched including me, you spoke like a true gardener and I will miss you but I know that we will see you again I know we have never spoken & I've never had the good fortune to shake your hand (mud on please)but I do wish you a speedy return to your garden at home & to full health my very best regards martin
I was very sorry to hear that Monty Don is stepping down due to ill health, I would like to wish him well and a speedy recovery. I for one will miss him on Gardeners' World, all the presenters are great and I enjoy this show immensely
Dear Monty, I have have enjoyed watching all your programmes and all the information you have given. Hope you fill better soon and take it easy.
I am so sorry to have heard the recent news with regard to Monty Don having suffered a stroke. Monty has inspired me to become a better gardener along with many hundreds of others and I would like to wish him a speedy recovery and to tell him to be patient with himself and to try to enjoy his "gardening leave" because he will soon be back in action and wont have time to think. Kind wishes to Monty and his family and I look forward to seeing him again on the near future.


A real loss. As a young (well relatively new gardener lets say) I thoroughly enjoyed watching the big guy on GW and was looking forward to continuing my apprenticeship with him and the rest of the team. Get well soon.
Friday evening will not be the same without Monty's presence in our sitting room. His calm yet enthusiastic approach to the presentation of the programme won our hearts. My husband and I wish him a speedy return to good health and thank him for the inspiring programmes we have watched.
Monty you will be sorely missed but wish you all the best with your recovery. Look forward to seeing on screen as soon as you are fit and well
I'd like to wish Monty a speedy recovery. I can't really be described as a keen gardener, but I found the work he did with the group of "naughty" young adults fascinating and humbling. Monty's commitment and determination to try his damned hardest in the face of adversity was inspiring stuff. I hope that spirit sees him through this setback quickly.
I was really sad to hear about Monty. What a shock to find that he had suffered a stroke... I had assumed his absence from G.W. was down to his filming on other B.B.C.projects. I really hope that he will eventually return to the programme as his comfortable manner and gardening know-how makes watching a real pleasure. Regarding a replacement... look no further than the brilliant Carol!

The team of Carol and Joe can surely present the programme... I really like the new format with Joe's allotment and Carol's absolutely gorgeous garden. I would love to wander around it with her! Get well soon Monty... we all miss you!!!

Dear Monty, you will be greatly missed, but your health must come first.I hope you make a speedy recovery.God Bless and take care. One of your many fans...
It came as a great shock, and much sadness, to hear Monty is to stand down from GW. He has done a great job over the past five years, and I thoroughly enjoyed his series "around the world in 80 gardens". I was particularly sorry to hear that Monty has not been well, and do wish him well, very soon. I will look forward to seeing back on our screens asap. best wishes and get well soon Monty
It's sad news regarding Monty Don's decision to stand down but his health and family come first. Let's hope it won't be too long before he is back on our screens again. He has influenced and inspired so many of us to take up and enjoy gardening in whatever form this happens, and for this I say thank you to Monty.
We have always watched with great interest in all of your T.V.shows. We have put all of your advice into practice with great results at all times. Many, many thanks for all your advice over the years. We wish you a speedy recovery & look forward to seeing you soon on T.V. again.


Sad news indeed. I was diagnosed with MS earlier this year and understand his dilemma. Gardening goes from being a pleasure to something to be approached with caution. Limits have to be reassessed but Monty is taking the sensible path. My best wishes for his future health.
Really sorry to hear of Monty's health problems. His down-to-earth style gives me great confidence to try out some of the projects seen in my own garden. Hope he will fully recover and feel able to once again do the work he so obviously gains so much enjoyment from.
Very sad to here Monty is standing down but wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.look forward to seeing him in new ventures soon.
Good luck & good health to Monty who was my main inspiration to finally start veg gardening, 3 years ago, at 49 years old (no time & no room before!)here in Britanny! His passion is contagious. Here's to his speedy recovery & thus return to our screens.
I was saddened to hear that that Monty Don has decided to cut back on Gardeners' World. I was sad to hear that his health has not been 100% but we wish him well and his family, when we lost Geoff Hamilton I thought no-one could replace him and then along came the smiling Alan Titmarsh and then he went on to do other things, it took me a while to get used to Monty but I loved his style and I will miss him not being front man of gardeners world but we wish him well and look forward to seeing him back in our living rooms as soon as he well enough