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Why the sudden change? I was just getting used to Toby and I enjoyed his style of presenting and although I have missed seeing Monty on screen I think it is unfair on Toby and Alys for them to be dropped by the BBC in such an off hand manner. Does this also mean that the money ploughed (excuse the pun) into the present site by the BBC is to be wasted? I only hope that it will not be long before Toby and Alys are back with us as I will miss them both. Toby for his knowledge and enthusiasm and Alys for her unconventional methods and infectious smile.
This is just the best news, that Monty will be back on Gardeners world. I am such a fan of this thoughtful, caring man, who takes such a joy in all things green and growing. What a great start to 2011.
Welome Home Monty. Toby and Alyse kept the flag flying and did a good job,but I'm pleased you are able to take up the reigns once again. Lovely .
Well that will save me at least half an hour a week as I will not be watching anymore. Toby was excellent and never a narcissus!


Gutted!!!! I loved Toby's way of explaining how to do things in the garden. I am quite new to gardening and really enjoyed the team.
So pleased that Monty is back. He's been the best presenter since Geoff Hamilton. Glad to that Carole, Joe and Rachel with be with him. The dream team for me. Well done BBC!
Toby was an excellent presenter and so was Alys. Its shocking the way the BBC treats presenters.
Really great news Monty coming back..he inspired me so much in the past so hopefully I'll get my lost mojo back? He has such genuine passion and a quiet confident charm, and will be some eye candy for the girls, so brillaint all round
Ditto to what Helen says. There's no match for Monty's enthusiasm and knowledge. Can't wait so see him back again. Thanks to the producers who must have finally listened to what the viewers really wanted. :)
So glad to hear Monty is back. I have not watched GW since Toby took over. Shame about Alys - hope she is back with her own programme
What a lovely surprise, after Geoff Hamilton sadly passed away I did not thnk that his shoes (boots) would ever be filled until Monty Don took up the realm, and he was a natural like Geoff. I like a simple approach to gardening and so do many others. I watch the programme to pick up ideas, I like Carol Klein as she gets her hands dirty, but gives many tips on taking cuttings, dividing plants and her own garden is a picture and gives lots of ideas for height structure and colour I only wish we could see more of it. If Monty wants to take it easier he could make more use of Carol. Anyway I will be pleased to see you in 2011 Monty welcome back.
PS I can save money on my Gardeners World sub too, spend it on plants and be free of Gardeners' World forever!
I really didn't like the new style GW took on with Toby Buckland, although he did grow on me (no pun intended!) but I did feel it was 'dumbed down' a bit. I am by no means an expert gardener but I am not 8 years old either! One of the early episodes kept building up their 'special guest' who in the end turned out to be a child from a children's programme!!?! Unfortunately I couldn't take at all to Alys Fowler. I'm all for new ideas but she did seem to be in her own little world much of the time. Nobody can top AT on GW for me. It always felt as if he was just chatting to you. I'm glad Carol and Joe are being retained - their attitude and enthusiasm always win through.


Fantastic news! I'm so pleased Monty is coming back. Defenitely my favourite GW presenter. Looking forward to see what he gets up to in his garden and expecting the new series to still capture Greenacres and how it develops.
Well that will save me at least half anhour a week as I will not be watching Gardeners' World again! - or should that be Monty's World. I can save on my sub to Gardeners World magazine too and buy one that isn't obsessed by 'personalities'. I shall spend the money on a tree and plant in in memory of real gardening.
I am really pleased that Monty is back, I never did warm to Toby although I do feel sorry that he is going. I shall certainly miss Alys and am disappointed that she will be replaced by Rachel who I feel like so many others that she is only there as eye candy and has no real substance unlike Alys. Welcome back Monty
Hurray! I have almost stopped watching Gardeners World during this last year after decades of being an avid fan. It took a while to warm to Monty but I am so pleased that he will be back.
I was dismayed when I read that Monty Don was coming back to Gardeners World I believe he left before due to ill health I hope it wont be too much again. I have really enjoyed Toby Buckland and will miss him as he was far superior to Monty Don. What is going to happen to GReenacres if G.W is going back to Montys garden. It has been interesting watching it grow!!!