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What a disgrace the BBC have lost a presenter in Toby who is on the same wave length as normal gardeners. Sadly Monty is boring and is only a veg man.What will happen to the garden they have left and all the ideas therein.
I love Monty, and am so glad he's returning, but will really miss Toby and Alys, and seeing the developing garden at Greenacre.
Well, that's freed my Friday evenings up! 8:30 is too soon for sleeping and that's what it would amount to for me. Monty Don boring. And, don't ever mention things like peat, insecticides or herbicides! What is wrong with the BBC? It's progress we need.
I wondered how long it would be before Monty Don "Put his spade in again" I for one won't be glad to see him back on Gardeners' World, he never seems to be off our screens ,I wish the B.B.C would make up its mind what sort of programme he is best suited too. Keep Toby I say a presenter who is not afraid to get his hands dirty. B.B.C.stop bowing to the "Celebrity Mafia" and let a good presenter get on with his job.
I am delighted that Monty is back. He is articulate and knowledgeable; his passion for gardening shines through everything he does and is infectious.I think it's great that the programme is coming from his garden. I do agree that Greenacres was a waste of money but we don't know yet what's going to happen to it. It was just like a theatre set. Afraid Alys came over as smug and boring (sorry).Carol's enthusiasm is uplifting and she's been forced to hide her light under a bushel slightly. Her programme on the science of plant growth was first rate - a subject which could have been rather dry and difficult for the average viewer - was made fascinating by her delivery and enriched with the help of her guests. Rachel, eye candy? I don't dispute that she's stunning but she's not just a pretty face. The team gel really well and I can't wait for Friday nights. Go Monty and team!!


Never mind the negative comments - really looking forward to Monty's return to the screen - GW hasn't been the same without him. Nothing against Toby however - wish him well in his next venture. Well done BBC now we have a really good team lined up!
Pleased to read about changes to G's W - long overdue. I wonder if the producers behind the so called 'revamped' programme have had to take the same path as Toby and Alys - it is they who should have their contracts terminated. What was the cost of setting up Green Acres and surely it was they who created such a banal programme format. Are they still in the employ of the BBC?- if so hope on Blue Peter or Top Gear!!
bad choice BBC - What a reversal. We get used to Greenacres and Toby Buckland.The new format was beginning to work. It is retrograde to go back to Monty Don and Rachel De thame. Sounds like a Newcastle United decision.
Another vote for Toby from me. I never imagined myself watching gardeners world and never actually did when Monty was on but the show has become one of my favourites over the past couple of years and thanks to Toby I have learnt so much. I am a veg grower but find the current balance of features is spot on for me. Sorry if that makes me banal but I am still new to all this gardening.
Great news - a real gardener back again. Watched one or 2 episodes since Toby gook over but sorry, did not like his style or his gardening advice. Could we also have more of Sarah Raven?And whatever happened to the garden Monty originally presented from - with it's large border?
Noone owns a garden even faintly resembling Monty's (miles of box, massive veg plots, 2million tulips, etc etc) and nooone wants to spend every waking hour obsessively striving for perfection. Even reading his diaries makes me want to fall on my fork with jealousy.
What a farce. The producers should have a serious think about their inept handling of this whole ridiculous episode. Toby Buckland had become a fine presenter and had made an impressive mark on the GW brand. This is yet another example of the BBC's contempt for their licence payers and their obsession with shallow celebrity. A victory for the chattering classes, a great loss for real gardeners.
Fantastic news - I've really missed Monty and haven't enjoyed the programme since he left. I'm also glad Rachel is back too, it's a shame she got sidelined to doing the RHS shows and not much else. Hopefully Alys will continue with her own series.
fab fab fab fab fab news, never like Toby or Alys, welcome back Fri evenings with real gardening advice and not the mickey mouse effort that has been going on, EXCEPT for Carol, Carol rocks!


Sad that Monty's back, he has told us all he can. I hope beginner gardeners in small garden don't get forgotten and I'll miss Alys' approach - we need to be greener. Please remember nobody in the real world can afford space for long borders and most veg patches are only a few metres square. I fear for the new series.
Oh no! I was so happy when Toby became the presenter for Gardeners World. He brought a light to the show that had been dim for so long. He will be very much missed. I'm not sure that it is a good idea to bring back Monty. I got a bit fed up with his dreariness. Alys Fowler will be a loss to the show as well. Why has this has happened!? I think I will stick to reading my magazine now...
CO-PRESENTERS! Other shows do it, why not Gardeners World? Why can't Monty and Toby be lead-presenters together? I think they would balance each other nicely. By the way, when will the BBC be hiring a female presenter for a change? I'd be happy to volunteer...*grin* Happy Gardening to everyone!