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Just read some of this blog. I work as a garden tour guide in a very well known & loved historical National Trust property and garden in the south of England. I completely agree with the majority of coments here in so far as we do need 2 differing gardening programmes to cater to what the viewers want. Also an hour long slot is needed as a 1/2 hour simply is not long enough, no matter what the programme content nor who the gardening presenters should be. Toby and his team were the perfect mix for todays 2011 gardeners, that's very clear from the comments. Monty... it's a difficult one, as he obviously has his followers but his presentation & style is hard to follow, that is also clearly stated here and i do pick up on this from public comments within my working day. While yes he does have his fans, i do feel that they are in the minority & that he is not for Gardeners World, his own programme maybe, but not Gardeners World in the required and wanted style. Within my working day as a garden tour guide (i am Kew trained & do this as a volunteer in my retirement) comments re all sorts of gardening programmes and radio etc do get run by me within the bounds of conversation, and i have to say that Toby, Carol, Alys and Chris Beardshaw (next to Mr T himself) ARE the popular choice. My personal preference as well,i have to say. It's such a shame to see this debate as it is, it really should not have come to this. It is however the viewing public just airing its concerns and preferences. I fear that the viewing figures will continue to slide downhill along with the fear that Gardeners World may be axed as a result. Gardeners World needs a new production team, an hour long slot, a presenting team who the viewers want and simply a return to Alans programme style and content. After all that did work and was well loved. As for Monty, maybe again an hours slot in his chosen style where he can Jewel, Lime Walk and Lecture Style garden for those who wish to follow his ways. Something has to be changed as currently it is a dying swan.
Very happy with the new Gardeners World format and welcome back Monty. I now enjoy watching and learning again. As to veg, veg, veg - No more than we have already had in previous years from Toby, Alys, Joe, Alan etc.
Thank God for that! I couldn't bear to watch Toby and Alys's 'Janet & John' style of presenting, it was so childish. One thing I would say is that 30 minutes is too short, the programme should be an hour and cover all levels of gardening skill. It can't be that difficult can it?
I am of the younger generation - the people who should be encouraged to carry on gardening (and will continue to keep your figures afloat in a difficult time). I watched every episode last year and was totally hooked. Even giving up a night out with my friends for it!! I was so disappointed with the "new" OLD gardeners world that I don’t think I'll bother with this series. I like Monty and Carol but I loved Alys and Toby - they were good fun, catered for a lot of different levels and brought the show bang up to date with their projects. How disappointing we wont get to see all their hard work from last year. BRING BACK ALYS and TOBY BBC !!!!! - as above I think a different programme along the same line as Alys' Edible garden would be perfect.
Carol should be head gardener for gardeners world. She really knows her stuff and is so inspiring and practical too. A perfect choice.


Being an enthusiastic gardener (and a Toby Buckland fan)I had vowed never to watch again. However, I needed my Friday night fix after that long winter but Oh, what a waste of time. The first two programs have been absolutely awful and boring. Basically, just 30 minutes tidying up MD's neglected garden. Please, please bring back Toby Buckland and Greenacres. When is Alan Titchmarsh's new gardening program starting on ITV, anybody know? I understand it will be in direct competition with Gardeners World. I for one will be switching channels if MD stays.
This week was slightly better, but oh those poor box hedges, who prunes box in October for heavens sake - especially in a frost pocket? I've always thought they should be done early summer, around Derby Day, to avoid all risk of frost. Carol's piece on alternatives was interesting, and even a wee try in Monty's plot to test different options would be interesting, as more and more we'll have to work with the climatic changes and the diseases they bring.
Why inflict the dull Monty on us all - leave him to his dreary badly worked garden and give us a bit of life - bring back Toby. I am not going to bother to watch again.
That's the end of GW for me. Toby and Alys were ace and worked well with the others. T & A, you have been shafted. I've read that Monty is a depressive and that's how I felt watching his first stint on GW. Major mistake beeb.
After catching up on the first two episodes on iplayer tonight, what really surprised me was the lack of contrast between all the gardens shown. They were all enormous or really well established. Rachel & Joe were giving advice to a clearly knowledgable gardener with a large garden the first week, and the second week the Enid Blyton garden was much like Monty's. There were no new gardens, no town gardens, no containers, no patios, no window boxes. I'm sure things will change, but you can only divide your perennials or your snowdrops when you've had them a few years, and do you need 100s of gernaniums - not if you live in a terrace house you don't? And if you have space for 12+ redcurrants or an orchard full of fruit trees there's a fair chance you know how to prune them! What needs to happen is create an urban style show maybe for a more beginner/younger gardener who hasn't much space - with gardens like they were creating at Greenacre, and then a grander, more Monty style show for whoever it is who wants to watch that. My boyfriend has no gardening experience, but was getting ideas and confidence to give it a go from Toby, Joe and Alys, but felt that he learnt nothing in these 2 new episodes. Will be very keen to see what Toby & Alys do next - I just hope it's something we can all enjoy on the telly soon!
well I for one am delighted to see Monty back. I just couldn't take to the recent presenters and became bored with the programme. So hip hip horay for the return to the old presenters!! :-))))
Denise Denise, hip hip horay, for someone who, in episode 1 showed he's not pruned his apple trees in year, episode 2 he's rescuing his currants because he's not pruned them properly and chitting potatoes in direct sunlight, episode 3 he admits to clipping Buxus on October 28th!!!!! and you're pleased he's back? I give up.
Oh dear. I sat down to watch Friday's GW & ended up falling asleep. Think it's time to give it up. Still, now that the lighter evenings are here & soon it will still be light at the same time as GW is broadcast,think I'll use the time to actually garden instead. I guess every cloud has a silver lining.
I didn't bother watching on Friday for the first time in years. The first two shows in this series bored me so much I just couldn't see the point in wasting half an hour on a show I'm not enjoying any more. BRING BACK TOBY BUCKLAND!


Fantastic! The Beeb has finally come to its senses with the return of Monty!! He looks and sounds great - welcome back Monty you are the saviour of Gardeners World!!
Oh dear, watched Fridays programme & still no better, i also fell asleep - i did last week too!! I do wish it was still Alan Titchmarsh. There just is not "atmosphere" with it anymore. For me there has to be a certain something. Both Carol Klein & Chris Beardshaw can evoke that & of course Alan. It used to be so inspiring & so just simply watchable. Toby was getting there too. Now it's - well, not sure what it is now, but it doesn't do it for me that's for sure :(
It's miserable that's what it is, miserable and uninspiring and very very :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( can we not have Toby back?
TOBY AND ALYS!!! We want them back on our screen!! Such down to earth, friendly personalities. It's so refreshing...unlike boring old Don (sorry) and Rachel seems out of place in a garden, despite knowing her plants. I haven't tuned in to GW since I heard of the new series changes. Give us more Toby and Alys!!