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Perhaps Monty has been taking advice from Toby if the programme seemed improved. Still think GW would be so much better with Toby & Alys. And still think if not them then Monty's dog should present it.
Maybe they made some drastic improvements to avoid a backlash from angry Toby & Alys fans at the Malvern show.
By mistake I just caught the end of GW this week . Monty what a fraud you and your garden are. If you treat Rosemary properly you can definitely revive them. I now have a number of compact shrubby plants that were in a worst state than yours last year. You just have to know how to garden and you obviously don't. As for the way you planted the replacement rosemary well! I promise you that plant will not survive. Why are you now writing your own posts 'So much better' 'Monty is great'........WHAT? However, I do agree with 1181 'Monty always makes me want to get out in the garden' Yes I turn off the TV when GW is on and do some gardening.
Bought my copy of Grow Your Own mag today. Not only the new regular feature from Alys but an article on Toby too. Now that's more like it. :)
What a disappointement GW is every week. After half an hour of watching, it seems that nothing was said. I understand that many other viewers do not find it utterly boring, as I do, but I think that the BBC should satisfy the growing demand for a programme that's practical, fun and innovative. Last year we had the Edible Garden as well as a fresh GW and this year we are left with nothing


I am just so horrified by GW. It is a sad thing watching a much loved show die so badly. I am in full agreement with Liz - I prefer to garden than watch Monty mess up yet again.
GW GW GW GW we are all gardeners monty toby ho ever lets get back to gardening. we have just hade one of the hardest winters and dryest starts to the year so no mater if it is monty or toby let them both have a part on the show and let us get on with whats inportant thats gardening growing plants growing veg thats what they do best so lets see it hapen.
I wonder if those who seems to like Monty's presentation and advices use the program to fall gently asleep on Friday evenings....
Is anyone still watching that awful Monty Don chap? I doubt Peter Seabrook (a real gardener!) is, and I doubt many other proper gardeners are watching his boring attempts at becoming 'interesting'. What a joke GW has been allowed to become, just to please some middle-aged ladies who, bizarrely, fancy Don. Why does the BBC constantly allow second-rate 'personalities' to destroy what was once a prime gardening programme?
Well here we are on Thursday night and I can go out with friends and not bother to record GW because it is utter rubbish now. I look forward to my weekend of gardening - just a shame I no longer have GW to look forward too.
I caught a few minutes of GW yesterday (the bit where Monty was potting up things for his steps) and it was actually quite interesting - although his garden looked as bleak as ever. The audience figures are dropping though, after remaining around the 2.2 million mark for a few weeks, last nights episode saw viewing figures dropping to 1.86 million, on a par with what Toby & co were getting last year.
I am not surprised the figures are dropping as the "show" is a muddled mess. No real gardening advice. What advice there is happens to be poor and ill informed. Monty obviously needs the money to do his garden because it is just a badly pruned mess. I caught a few moments while trying to find something to watch while I did the ironing. If I had wanted a comedy gardener I would have stayed tuned in but I actually wanted a real gardener - happily I still have some Toby and Alys on the Humax so I could relive a real GW. BBC please wake up and realise that serious gardeners do not watch this silly GW any more. Sack the producers/ editors who think we want this pap, bring back Toby and let him show us and the new, future gardeners some real gardening.
Now look forward to GW on friday nights, give Monty a break. The show is informative and much better paced. Great idea giving ideas of gardens to visit. Would be good to see more hands on growing and dividing plants with Carol and more veg growing with Monty. Would be nice to see more going on with Montys garden.
I was disgusted by Carol Kleins advice re the pergola. The Armandii that was there should have been huge after 4 years, what was that woman doing! And to suggest ivys for "all year round greed" - lazy. Not what I expect from a plantwoman.
If you want to see a good gardening programme watch Beechgrove Garden Mondays at 7.30pm on BBC1 Scotland, if you have SKY you'll find it around 991 or so if you're in England and Wales. It's made by Tern and has a knowledgeable and hands on cast, including the ex head of the Botanic Gardens Edinburgh. Sky plus it and your Fridays could be good again.


Has the penny dropped at BBC? Am I the only person who notices Toby Buckland at Chelsea, but no Monty Don? Is this significant? I certainly hope so.
i enjoyed toby building the garden at greenacres as a new gardener i found it very informative unlike the new approach in montys own garden. i love monty but find it not very new gardener a time where we are bieng encouraged to get gardening it seems a shame that we are not getting the right advice.most of us dont have the budget or the space to achieve anything like what monty has at home. i miss alyis and toby! i still love carol as she always bursts with enthusism. very little advice given to gardeners north of the border so ill continue to watch my fav beechgrove garden for us more commen people
I am really sorry to have lost Toby Buckland, I liked very much his style and not to be able to see how Greenacres develops is a shame and a waste. Why go backwards?
Monty is not for me - old and boring - bring back Toby and Alys, stopped watching all together. Let me know when you get rid of him...and I will switch back on
carol best montys good toby not bad alys grate alans the best now he is on itv and thats a first why dont gardenersworld do a program with them all on that will be good what a program that will be hey you never no one day thay may do that.