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I am still missing Toby and Alys. I am just glad it is so brilliant out in the garden as I am not wasting my time watching Monty.
I'm still missing Toby & Alys too, Hazel. Watched Friday's one hour GW. Still lacking inspiration, although the poppies that had self seeded looked good. Everything else pretty drab if you ask me. I do like Monty's dog- I think he's lovely. The powers that be won't listen to us, the viewers- they're not intersted in what we think. They still get paid their huge paypacket every month regardless of whether people tune in or not & we still have to pay the license fee. So we have no say & our voices are not heard.
I've watched half a season now, having not seen Monty's previous stint and being a confirmed Geoff fan and warming to Toby as his natural successor. Monty is charismatic but it worries me that knowledgeable gardners keep saying that he gets it wrong. As a relative novice I look to GW for sound advice. It also veers towards celebrating Monty's lifestyle, lots of views of his dog, house, potting shed and him strolling through the many acres at his disposal. A great deal was made of the importance of returning to a presenter's own garden. I think this is bogus. Anyone who has visited the Great Geoff's garden at Barnsdale will tell you that it was simply agricultural land adjacent to his house. He would mark out an area and create a new garden every now and then. I can't see that it was much different from Greenacres other than Geoff not having to commute. Toby and Alys were right in tune with my gardening, sympathetic to newcomers, interested in sustainability, and capable presenters. I'm afraid Rachel is no replacement for Alys. Shots of her wafting through someone or other's garden may please some people of a certain age but it doesn't contain a fraction of the quirky interesting and clever ideas of Alys. Perhaps, as some people are suggesting, the reappearance of Toby and Alys at Chelsea and Hampton Court is the beginning of their rehabilitation. I hope so.
Hi Monty I hope you read this. Please never use a copper pot for edible plants.Not even for herbs!! The inevitable oxidation stained green is very poisonous. Good luck with your program. Greetings from Holland.
Ratings for Friday's shows: Gardeners World 2.02 million, Love Your Garden 2.82 million.


How awful it is to see Monty make so many errors in basic garden inrormation. It is to be hoped that he continues to use a copper pot for growing herbs - but only for his personal use. I have given GW up as a dead loss but I would watch again if the Beeb saw fit to put a proper gardener back , such as Toby, who was full of good ideas and commonsense.
Ratings for Fridays show 1.82 million, less than the equivalent show last year and a million less than Love Your Garden. Bring back Toby!
Keep up the good work Ron Freer. I was away for the weekend and didn't even bother to record GW.
Hello Monty: Just wanted to say a quick thank you for the great tip you gave earlier in the year regarding sowing beetroot seeds into modules. I have always sown them directly into the ground but tried your method this year with much success. Thank you - and nice to have you back on Gardener's World again. Stay well. Kind regards. Gillian Phillips
Just to say your idea of planting a courgette plant in the middle of a runner bean wigwam did not work at all for me. Once the beans started to grow they blocked all the light for the courgettes, and enormous courgette leaves came bursting through the bean plants. Also very hard to see if there are courgettes growing in the middle. It seemed a good space saving idea but I wont do it next year
Hi Monty I was so amazed to see the American poke weed identified at the American Ambassador's residence. I have one in my garden. I don't know where it came from but it arrived last year. I guess birds must have dropped the seed, they seemed to love them. Though Woolwich seems a long way south, maybe they are more common than one might have thought! Anyway I think it is lovely, subtle flower and stonking berries! Best wishes Jenny
Viewing figures for last two shows continue to decline - 1.78 and 1.77 million respectively.
I notice the comment about Monty needing to go on a gardening course has been removed!! Censorship of anti Monty comments shows a level of desperation by " the powers that be"
Watched Gardeners World for the first time in 3 months today. Much, much better than it was earlier in the year although I can't warm to Monty as lead presenter. Interesting that he used Toby's idea of green manure from last year!
So happy to see Monty's back on GW!! We stopped watching when Toby and Alys took over. Monty - and Carol as well - are such passionate people when it comes to gardening and nature in general. They really inspire us! greetings from Holland.


Well, I'm glad both Monty & Carol have room in their gardens for nursery beds. Of course the majority of people in this country have huge gardens with ample room, lime walks & jewel gardens & large veg plots, seperate herb gardens, plenty of box hedging, orchards, potting sheds,large greenhouses, etc, etc. So don't need any articles showing how to make the most of tiny gardens or balconies then. Silly me. There was me thinking it would be a good idea. Oops. I forgot, Toby was showing us that in the front gardens at Greenacre!
I think Nigel may be a golden retriever. Not 100% sure, though. I think he's lovely- he's the best thing on GW these days.
Ron Freer's viewing figures for Gardeners' World are wrong! You can check out the OFFICIAL FIGURES yourself at These are produced by BARB - the Broadcasters Audience Research Board. Viewing for both Friday 12th August and Friday19th August were both 1.98 million. Figures since then have been even higher at 2.12 million for August 26th and 2.22 million for September 9th. Well done Gardeners' World!