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I hope the wardroab department gives Monty a makeover. He dresses like someone in China 30 years ago. Glad Joe is still with the show. NOW please bring back the old theme tune, the one used for much of Geoff hamilton's reign. It was lively and made me feel like I wanted to get out in the garden unlike the current soporific tune which makes me want to sleep.
Thank goodness someone has seen sense, 2 miserable season of gardening ABC! Carol did bring back some A level gardening this year though. Monty is an inspirational gardener with all the "green" credentials you could wish for. Friday evenings in March are something to look forward to again. Thanks BBC you did listen to us after all. ps Watching Alys eat was another turn off!
Great news. Monty has been missed and will make a huge difference to the programme. Best wishes. D. C. Morton
Am going to miss both Toby and Alys, both did a really good job. To begin with the programme was a bit slow, being aimed at beginner gardeners but it did improve. Toby must be gutted and I don't blame him, he was doing his best and we were all getting to know him. Please give him another programme soon.


Welcome back to Monty but I liked Toby Buckland and Alys Fowler. Why is there no room for them in the new line up. Monty is good but not sure about Rachel - eye candy.
glad to hear BBC has seen sense and returned GW to a show for adults, Tobys 'magazine' style was awful and cringe-worthy.
I am very unhappy to hear that Toby and Alys will not be returning to GW. Shame on BBC for chucking the best two out. I hope a new programme can be produced with both Toby and Alys at Greenacre and I can forget GW altogether!!!!
I am delighted that Monty Don is returning to gardener's World and hope that his health continues to be good. Whilst Toby has been good, there are times when he has assumed that we can all afford a lot of money to buy plants or equipoment etc and that we do not need reminding of some of the basic techniques. Sorry that Alys will not be on the programme, but hope to see her in other things.
I'm glad monty comming back he is one of the best presenters of gardening world. Great news.
I think this is very sad I have so enjoyed Toby as presenter. This will mean not watching GW again as I never liked Monty's presenting. Toby is very much like Geoff and Alan. Very, Very, disappointed
Now Friday nights will be worth watching again. No more silly chit chat between Toby and Alys which wasn`t very amusing.
I'm so pleased to hear this - I'll start watching GW again now. I felt quite disloyal when I deserted it after so many years but just lost interest when toby took over. All we need now is Chris Beardshaw and I'll be a very happy woman!
What wonderful news about Monty coming back AND the show coming from a real garden. Also Joe Swift and Rachel as well. Roll on the new season


Absolutely delighted by the return of Monty but very bemused by the decision to oust Toby.To me he displayed many of the skills and sensibilities of Geoff H, backed by a deep comprehension of Botany. This surely would have been the ideal opportunity to dump the irritating Joe instead? I'm sad that Rachael has been conscripted as she appears (to many viewers)to lack the "street cred" of other presenters. I will continue to watch, of course, especially for regular returns to Greenacres for updates.
Oh dear. It may be the end of my regular Friday evening in the garden. I don't like Monty Don's style. I find him very superior and as has all ready been said, veg, veg and more veg. Toby was believable and real and after being a bit doubtful about Alys at first, I came to enjoy her approach as well. As many have already said, what about all the projects started at Greenacres that we will never see them come to fruition? Thinking about the conclusion of the last series, I suspect Toby and Alys did not know that they were to be replaced and Greenacres abandoned.
Monty Don and Rachel de Thame- all too posh for me. Both have had their moment in the sun. Their installation seems a backward move to me. I only hope Alys can make more of her own programmes now. They are modern and make you think. Toby's practical approach is of more use to a beginner like me than Monty's dreamier moments. Won't be rushing to switch on the next series.
Wonderful news, I will again watch Gardeners World with the dream team. I find Toby and Alys irritating. I agree bring back Chris Beardshaw and all will be perfect.
Such a shame and a step backwards. I liked Toby's laid back style and Alys also. Not so keen on Carol