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Ok cc chip I am actually a moaning elderly but don't think we are all like that please.I only want to moan about them taking Toby away! I know lots about gardening but I learnt loads off Toby too and I loathe Monty too so don't put all the older gardeners down. Good luck with the garden career - wish I had done it.
I will be returning to watch Gardeners' World after having been away for more than 2 years. Welcome back, Monty.
What a miserable bit of news. Won't be watching Gardeners world any more not with Toby not being there. What has made them put that old bore back?
Oh what joy!!! Monty back on GW - my Friday evenings will come alive again after 2 years of total crap!!!
sorry lakelandlass if i sterotypyed you but i am glad that you support toby and not Monty. This shows that Toby was good for all audiences and therefore further backs why he should of stayed and not be replaced by Monty


I don't like Monty nor Carol Klein. Toby reminded me of Geoff Hamilton. Toby talks to you much like Alan. Monty talked at you. Toby going is disastrous news I think the BBC is pandering to the oldies, much like the RHS resisting changing The Garden magazine. I'm nearly 50, so neither young nor old.
I've just found out the fantastic news of the return of the Don!! I will admit that after Alan I wasnt a fan of Monty, however given the choice of Toby or Monty, Monty wins every time. I once watched a series called Fork to Fork which followed Monty and his wife growing vegetables in their garden. So if any one wants to see how good a gardener he really is, try and find that series, you will be bowled over by his passion. Sorry Toby your way of presenting was just too patronising, and I am not a school child! PLEASE NO MORE SHOTS ON CUTTINGS!! MY HUSBAND COULD DO ONE WITH HIS EYES CLOSED, AND HE DOESN'T LIKE GARDENING!
Thanks cc chip. You are so right - Toby was excellent and monty should not have been put back on. I am 60 and have gardened since I was young. I go to all sorts of garden groups , lectures and visit gardens. I think I am pretty Ok on what to do but I just loved the way Toby could put it over and please all levels. people who say he was not a good presenter are arrogant and ignorant. for bad presenter style Monty is the winner - he is awful. I adoered Geoff Hamilton, Alan was Ok but Monty is dire and I will not be watching any more. I hope that Toby realises how much people liked him even if the BBC have made this massive mistake.
Monty back on GW - all my prayers have been answered! I've also subscribed again to GW magazine.
february is always a bad month for me and it just got worse knowing that I can never again look forward to GW on TV or mag as I can not abide that smug twirp Monty. Toby and Alys were just great. Still at least I have some recorded and books of course. I will wait until some producer sees that a real pair of gems have been lost.BBC needs sorting out if all they can do is pander to sycophantic star fans and not do what they are supposed to do i.e. educate and inform. Monty is not good enough for GW. Perhaps he could have some little afternoon show for when his fans wake up from their afternoon naps?
I am disgusted with Monty as I have just read the magazine article - what arrogance. What a smug attitude and why are we to pay for his desire to do up his garden? The BBC should have stuck with Toby as he is a good gardener and presenter. The Greenacres site belongs to the BBC and we can all see it grow. Monty gets his garden done up for free and we pay. The article was just rampantly smug and I phoned my paper shop and cancelled it from now on. I can not tolerate such stupid , blind arrogance. Who does he think he is?
I keep trawling through the comments posted on this blog hoping to see one from the BBC telling us what is happening to Greenacres.
I think that the Beeb has misinterpreted the understandable outpouring of sympathy from the public for Monty when ill health forced him to give up presenting, and the subsequent pleasure of hearing that he is fit and well again, as meaning that the majority of us would welcome his return to Gardeners' World. He is a charming chap, but Toby is a much more knowledgeable and down-to-earth gardener, and, once the ill-advised attempt in the first series to make the presentation more trendy had been abandoned, I have enjoyed the programme more than for years. In my view, he is the best presenter since Geoff Hamilton - and I cannot praise anyone more highly than that! I shall miss him very much.
I too am upset about missing Greenacres and kaytee is so right. I will miss Toby so much - he was on a level with Geoff Hamilton. An intelligent, common sense practical gardener. he had such a good way of putting stuff across. Hope we see him back soon.
Will someone from the BBC please respond to this blog,or do the viewers not matter anymore.


I am thrilled that Monty is fit and well again and delighted that he will be back. I also hope to see more of Carol. On the other hand, I am very disappointed to find that Toby and Alys will not feature any more as both are interesting, informative, engaging and entertaining. Two shows a week perhaps??
Hi Vicky I think you will find that any viewer wanting Toby back is ignored by the BBC as they know there is no good answer they can give . They must know they have messed up big time but I don't suppose they care. After all we only pay their wages. BRING BACK TOBY!!!!
I'm a great believer in the BBC as a "good thing". But their failure to respond properly to fair comment from licence payers is really poor. It just gives more ammunition to their commercially-motivated critics. We know you read this, BBC. So say something about this regrettable return to the past. And make it good.
Welcome back, Monty. So looking forward to seeing your lovely garden. Have read about it many times and now we are actually going to see it. I can't wait.