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I don't really know why I am writing this as my blog was deleted. So much for us all having our say! Now comments have been judiciously pruned could someone tell me the proportion of positive to negative comments before so many were removed? To the blogger who said they are looking forward to being in someone's garden again, surely this depends on whether you like the style or not. I do not think that MD will put features in his garden to please us, but to please himself and I did not like the style of Berryfields, so you will lose me.The late great Geoff, to whom we look back with the greatest affection started off in a small garden then bought 7 acres of farmland and TAUGHT us how to garden, giving us so much pleasure in the process. There was room to develop a variety of small gardens which would encourage us all to try our own hand, no matter what size the plot or how little the budget. The viewing figures have gone down, in my opinion because we live in a dumbed down society where sensationalism, fashion and novelty are the gods, factors which affect society and not just gardens. Changing the presenter won't change that. The bbc is supposed to be a public service broadcaster not a filler of tingling ears with the passing fancies. Move forward not back, but do it in a way which gives people the tools to choose or at least to perceive their own style. Education could be defined as giving people the tools to find out for themselves, so they can make informed choices, creating true originality and spontaneity not the "lets all dumb down and copy someone else's grand design" mush handed out by so many of our TV programmes, because we are not taught to value our own judgements and take a chance. Surely Geoff's legacy(see Paradise Gardens) was to teach us that no garden is wrong, but each are different and should be an expression of our individuality. Come on BBC treat us like adults! Give us a programme that makes us think not just react or be reactionary.
In reply to Earth Mummy gloves have everything to do with it. A keen gardener loves having their hands in contact with the soil - it's part and parcel of the enjoyment of gardening. So what if you stick your hand in something unpalatable - there's disinfectant and water to wash with. If she can't bear to touch the soil for fear of spoiling the look of her hands and her nails then she's not a gardener. To have any credibility the presenter needs to know what they're talking about not just be a "pretty face" for the TV. A failed actress and model does not make a good gardener neither does a year's study at the Chelsea Physic Garden. Just put Rachel's hands next to Carol's and you'll see who's the real gardener. Some people only "play" at gardening because at the moment it seems to be the in thing to do - grown your own, rent an allotment, be organic. Those of us who have gardened for years have risen above all that and enjoy gardening for what it is - getting in touch with the earth and doing your own gardening in your own style and enjoying the results of your hard work regardless of whether it's green or organic
Just read last night in the Radio Times that Monty was returning. I couldn't sleep for the excitement. Have soooooooo missed him and watched his brilliant series on the crafts on BBC-2, which was axed!!!!!!!! I will be returning with such joy. Toby was just not right and I only watched a handful of times. And Rachel too - wow I died and now I'm in heaven. Can't wait.
In reply to An avid gardener - I've been gardening since I was a toddler. That's nearly 40 years now. I grow fruit and vegetables - that we actually eat. I grow my own plants for my garden - sow seeds, divide, graft, take cuttings - even of my favourite roses to increase my stocks in the borders. I make a fair bit of my own compost - in bins I've made myself using pallets, I have redesigned my garden from scratch & double dug various borders, and in all weathers. So I'm not sure if I'm "playing" at gardening, just because some of this is acheived with putting a pair of marigolds on!!!! Should all women who are passionate about growing & enjoying gardening are exempt, unless they have faces like an old boot & hands that could grate cheese? ****(Please note - I wish to make it crystal clear that I am in no way making any reference to Carol here, before I get shot down in flames)
NO NO not Monty Don please. I find his style uncomfortable Toby was great and knowledgable it's just the format that needed tweaking. Trying to everything in half hour progs just doesn't work. I think a seperate programme for the vegetable enthusiasts would be better for all concerned. Cut out jumping from one topic to another and make it an hour long prog and all will be okay.


I like Monty Don, .................. but I also like Toby Buckland, but which one is better? Only one way to find out.....................FIGHT!!!
Not sure that Toby is unpleasant enough to fight - he does seem like a genuinely nice guy. I would want him to win though. I am sure that in the long run he probably will. He is a great gardener.
Wrong wrong wrong decision. Let's hope we see Toby and Alys in another programme as I won't be watching the return of the old school.
So horrid to hear that monty is back - I am inspired to stop watching GW. My sister and I like toby and both want him and his garden back.
WHAT? Him again - oh no. I am sure he may be a nice bloke but please why bring back someone who had their day and was not that good. Leave GW to Toby. Bad move Aunty beeb.
Oh dear here we go again Monty Don! The BBC has yet again listened to the Gardening Elite.New gardeners and people with small gardens will be ignored by the pompous Mr Don. The tips given for propigation and saving money will be a thing of the past. No more Toby or Alys so sad. I put up with him last time round if we had to change why not Carol Klein.Think I will give Gardeners World a miss and I am a core viewer over many years.
Put Toby back where he belongs and come to your senses BBC. I will not watch that monty don as I got well fed up with him first time.
why is ever one moaning if you like gardening has much has i do does it matter who does it , i,v watched all of the presenters, and i have my fav but gardening is gardening who ever does it, i like monty don the best but i like toby to they both have great styles of gardening. lets just get back to enjoying gardening, not arguing who,s presenting it


so glad monty is back, but they could have stuck with monty, toby, alys and rachel....there is enough scope in gardening for all their views, plus greenacre could have been maintained, along with new developments in monty's garden. still, i will always prefer monty, he's like the nigel slater of gardening as far as i'm concerned.
I too am wondering why no comments from Adam Pascoe/BBC one comment was about Tobys fans crawling out of the woodwork I was unaware sides had to be taken lest some one lost their job still think its a poor show BBC I think the fault lies with the production team not Toby and co what an accolade though for you Toby to be compared to the late great Geoff Hamilton I wouldn't mind that on my CV
NO not monty - he makes my toes curl in horror. And as for saying he is the Nigel Slater of gardening - that is an insult to Nigel. Nigel trained as a chef and was cooking from a very young age - monty is a failed costume jewellery guy who took to gardens as a late found hobby. Nothing wrong with that - I only took to gardening as a hobby in my 20s but I would not oust an expert from his job. I prefer to get my advice from a trained gardener such as Toby . And as for fans crawling out of the woodwork, surely we did not need to let the BBC know how much we liked someone (although I do recall letters in the Radio Times praising Toby a while back). I adored Geoff Hamilton and Geoffrey Smith but I never let the BBC know. The BBC have behaved appallingly on this matter and will lose a good many viewers I am sure. Toby deserves a programme of his own.
So pleased to hear that Monty is coming back! At last I won't need to fast forward through most of GW in order to get the occasional useful bit. I really disliked the Greenacres site, too. I'm glad to hear this will be presented from a real home garden again. Too bad about Alys, though. I liked her mixture of quirkiness and knowledgeability and enjoyed her own programme about her veg garden. Perhaps the BBC can find her another show?